Monday, February 20, 2006

mondays and barges.

these are the quiet days i like. unexpected days. and lazy days.

long sessions with coffee cups and a friend

having isabelle decide i needed a new cut and colour of the hair

a walk with the pup on a day, that really felt like spring.

watching barges pass by on the rhine.

they always give me a sense of calm and serentity, although i don't know why.

looking across the river,

and looking onto france upon a setting and subtly warm sun.

coming home and deciding it's not always just work.

and a good time for continuations of monday. lazy. nothing.

yes, somedays are simply meant to be.

and today. it felt like a sweet sweet promise.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

once upon a time...

when i was younger, i wrote notes to god.

and i took them outside and threw them into the wind,

so that they could fly away.

and make my wishes come true.

sometimes, i am this young girl all over again.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

more of more poesie.

more poesie.


today was the first day of the photographs for poesie, a new collection of shirts that i'm introducing in the next short while.

usually i'll photograph projects as such myself, however between mishaps with the camera [thank you lenny, puppy dearest...] and myself already so tunnel visioned in creating, designing and working the project, i asked steffi if she'd like to take the photographs. susi, yet another friend, was the beautiful victim in the role of the model. and such was our sunday.

being i rarely write here these days and i'm on a mission to change that, i reckon there's nothing like doing a bit of visual overdose.

these are simply the "behind the scene" shots, basically a more eloquent word for snapshots. but little bits and pieces, fragments of our sunday afternoon.

may i introduce poesie?

sunday afternoon.

sunday. afternoon.