Thursday, April 24, 2008

silence. is golden.

thursday night.

and those are the words

that whisper the lesson of today.

silence is golden.

and of all the emotions. hopes, wishes and yearnings i held close today,

they were answered in unexpected ways.

with that of a friend. of endless conversation.

and then simply

in silence. that is golden.

i need to capture tonight.

hold onto it just a bit longer.

as though to let it linger.

i need to embrace and weave the words here,

as though marking them with the black on white of written lines.

but later. maybe tomorrow.

because for right now,

i just want to hold the thoughts and the moments,

close and dear. within.

and silently.

and if you listen close enough,

you'll hear the hush and calm

and let it whisper over you.

yes. silence is golden.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

april in a sunday morning dress...

april in a sunday morning dress...

of little flowers that are blossoming in the garden.

i stepped outside in the awakening fresh of morning

to pick myself a handful of pretty magic

with a cup of coffee in my hand.

and after doing a bit of this and a bit of that

getting caught up with words and friends

its time to take this sunday spring day by the heart.

heading out to pick up lenny

and go for a walk.

haven't yet decided where the journey will take us.

maybe along the rhine, watching barges pass by.

or up in the vineyards, gazing over horizons and day dreaming sweet.

i just want to let the spring air cascade into me

with a breath that is larger than life...

walking. with open eyes and an open heart.

and sunday.

Monday, April 07, 2008

ireland. and a book of wishes.

postcards from the burren. ireland.
once. and a while ago.
a dear friend.
and pictures upon taking pictures.

there's actually a lot that i could be writing about.

maybe later. stories of the autobahn. saturday adventures.

but right now

these written words about a letter that arrived in the mail today.

"hi there...

so what did you write in your book of wishes this morning?

because on friday, june 6th, you are flying to ireland with me

and flying back home on monday, june 9th with me and the kids.

staying at jacinta's - all is arranged.

the friday flight is a late flight,

so you only need to take monday off of work.

flight is paid for.

so yes, we are going to ireland!!!

and wishes come true.

love, gwen."

and in the envelope, there was a plane ticket.

enough said. i think i'm speechless. still.

i'm going to bed.

and a grateful thankful heart i am,

asking what i've done

to have friends like this.