Thursday, April 24, 2008

silence. is golden.

thursday night.

and those are the words

that whisper the lesson of today.

silence is golden.

and of all the emotions. hopes, wishes and yearnings i held close today,

they were answered in unexpected ways.

with that of a friend. of endless conversation.

and then simply

in silence. that is golden.

i need to capture tonight.

hold onto it just a bit longer.

as though to let it linger.

i need to embrace and weave the words here,

as though marking them with the black on white of written lines.

but later. maybe tomorrow.

because for right now,

i just want to hold the thoughts and the moments,

close and dear. within.

and silently.

and if you listen close enough,

you'll hear the hush and calm

and let it whisper over you.

yes. silence is golden.


bruce said...


susan said...

hmmm. yes, i love me silence girl. but we deserve a chat. this sunday would be lovely... if you are around. let's plan one!

maddie said...

oh i don't know ...i love your
words;) LOL

Cori said...

Hello my friend.
Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Hello, lovely.

I tried to find where you commented on my journal with your current email addy, but couldn't. I'll be in your hemisphere - Dublin, northern Wales, London - for a week in Jun/Jul...

Email me or come visit my journal again?

Much love,

Chris said...

Hey Angie.
How about you get in touch with me?


susanna said...

Hey there, Miss Angela, Just checking in to see what's new with you. Hope you are doing's the season for sitting on your balcony with a glass of red wine, watching the satellites fly by. :)