Thursday, August 31, 2006

a perfect day.

that's what it was.

simply a perfect day.

and it's late. and i'm just back home.

so more about that tomorrow.

because sometimes it's good

simply to remember

days like today.

a perfect day.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

silent conversations.

where to begin.

i feel like there is so much that I want to say.

from the past weeks. even just the past week.

last week. this time. and i was having a most lovely evening.

other than a smile on my face,

there’s not much more that i’ll say.

and yes, a few of you dear ones know what i mean.

the rest of the work was a bit of a blur.

simply enjoying the last days before the new job starts.

i can’t believe that it’s this friday already.

welcome a new chapter and all it has in store for me.

but in all honesty, each and every day almost feels

like a new story is in the beginning.

and i’m embracing the change,

and embracing it with curiosity.

as though i simply want to step towards it.

and patience isn’t always my best virtue.

other things that have made me smile this past week?

silent conversations and written words.

buying a lovely sweet antique teapot, knowing she’ll be a vase

one day soon in my new kitchen. maybe on a window sill.

strange that i see my new place already,

and yet, there are still a few months of patiently waiting

until I can take the step out the one door,

and into the next.

a friday afternoon spent with alex,

meeting with petra, and us three girls going shopping.

two new dresses, a skirt, a pair of pants, a belt, a shirt later.

the photo session with patti on saturday

then honestly just needing to head out and get groceries,

ended up with more shopping.

a pair of shoes, a pair of pants, a purse, earrings, a blouse later.

sunday morning with pancakes and blueberry syrup.

and trust me when i say,

blueberry syrup is something simply not had here in germany.

elisabeth coming by for coffee and that lead to dinner

and endless conversations, trying to solve

or simply understand

one of the greatest mysteries of the world.

and sunday was also about writing long letters.

yesterday was about fleurs and getting them off to freiburg.

which didn’t happen until later in the evening.

and it was about more silent conversations.

words and thoughts simply shared

like striking the midnight hour.

today also brought all the more reasons to smile.

and again, it’s all the little things.

like finally saying yes to a necklace i’ve long coveted.

something simple. something sweet. a bird in flight.

and this necklace has long been on the mind.

amy has one of the sweetest shops called day-lab

i’ve known amy for a good few years now.

and to see what she’s done in the shortest while with her business,

i graciously bow down and courtesy to her.

i first met amy thru photography.

and to this day,

she also remains one of my favourite photographers.

in a world of loretta lux, joyce tenneson and robert doisneau

to name a few of many.

and today, i simply had to say yes. maybe like a celebration

simply of the self. and of good things.

happening. changing. becoming.

and an email from undine as well,

almost leaving me with a guilty conscience

that i haven’t really been around, written or called.

she’s been yet another pillar of support

and we have ideas that we share,

ideas we want to set into motion.

but it was sweet to find her email

and also her letting me know that miriam pielhau

was wearing one of my rings on tele again,

sunday night on one of her new shows.

reminding myself that I should to write her too,

and simply say thank you. for the support she gives.

because although i don’t watch much tele myself,

i hear again and again, that miriam is wearing the fleurs,

flaunting and flirting them as i like to say,

in whichever way she can.

and that means the world. it really means much.

i also bought myself a bed today. on ebay.

and please don’t ask me where this idea suddenly appeared.

it’s old. and antique. as in 1910 old and antique.

oak wood and absolutely lovely. in a kitschy lovely way.

but the bestest part of it all,

was buying this bed for a whole of ten euro.

i suddenly decided the new place

was going to have a white bed.

[which means, i’ll still have to paint the bed white too]

and i don’t even have my new place yet,

nor do I know where I’m going to put this bed until I do have it.

and maybe it’ll be my bed. maybe the guestroom bed.

but yes, I bought a bed.

and then it was other little things,

like the one lovely order from the website.

and today was a good day of orders coming in.

maybe i can’t help myself and yes,

it’s just the day to day of running a business,

but whenever i know that a package is on it’s way to new york,

it’s just puts a different kind of smile on my face.

maybe because for whatever love and fascination

or all the dreams I have,

it just feels like a little piece of me is finding its way there too.

silly yes. i know. but that’s simply me.

and in the intervals of writing this, mulling thoughts

and randomly remembering fractions of a week,

or of a day,

i found myself smiling once again.

and simply saying thank you.

for silent conversations.

[photograph - taken on the saturday sessions]

Sunday, August 27, 2006

i thank you. for being you.


and our photo sessions of saturday.

in the short while i've known her,

since the spring of last year now,

she's definitely become one of my dearest friends.

and friends, are something that i know

i call myself blessed with.

not something to be taken forgranted

and a word i hold with the weight of gold.

and amongst theses circles of friends,

it's often as it is in relationships of love and life

you experience "love at first sight"

so to speak.

you meet them,

and you simply know this is someone

that is meant to play a role

and a part in your life.

and to all the dear ones in my life,

i can truely say to have been blessed with having them

thru long journeys in my life.

like common denominators.

and constant stars over years. and distance too.

patti and i met because of my fleurs.

a phone call from her one day,

asking if she could come by to see the fleurs.

she had heard of the rings, and then seen the rings.

and from that day on,

she's not only become a pillar of support,

a shoulder to lean on,

listening in a time of need,

wiped away tears or put a smile back on the face.

and then the conversations that go for hours on end.

there are the laughs and the silly moments,

and pedicures and last minute waxes,

massages too.

she's there to push me forward,

or bring me back down.

reminds me of my dreams when i feel reality has woken me,

believes in me when i reckon i'm stumbling on my way.

it's not uncommon for patti to come by

even late at night if she sees i'm still working.

and somedays, she simply

drops a little note and cherished words

under the door.

and with all things in life,

it's simply the little things that matter most.

the gestures. the thoughts.

and yes, always the talks.

and i'd just simply like to dedicate these photos

to a most wonderful, beautiful woman

called patti.

these photos to me,

are just the way i have gotten to know her.

the smile on her face. a look in her eye.

playful. and honestly authentic.

and i simply thank you patti,

for being you.

and the friend you are.

Friday, August 25, 2006

photo friday... circle


reflecting on what could be written,

or what could be seen as circle.

translations of definition.

thoughts like...

dancing in a circle came to mind.

or stepping into circles

and stepping out again.

and that love can circle itself around you

just as we circle ourselves with friends.

and circles leave us in dizzy blur,

as we go round and round and round again.


it was this photograph that came to mind.

an excerpt from a series i call intimacy.

we circle ourselves in love,

leaving us in blissful blur

like a child of merry go round.

and arms that warp themselves around you,

simply holding you tight

and holding you close.

in circle.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

wish the day good night.

"sometimes i feel as though my hands are bound. to you.

and it as though you were a prayer. whispered upon my skin.

and yes. i am still bound."

an old photograph.

and old words.

but for whatever reason, they were found again today.

saturday definitely took on a plan of its own.

needless to say,

i broke the promise to the self

and didn't get to the flea market on saturday morning.

granted, i was up. and i was ready to go,

however the arm was back to giving me greif.

i can't recall if i mentioned

that friday morning had me at the doctor's

and a diagnosis of spinal disk deterioration

or something similiar is what the doctor said.

basically, that's what has caused the neuritis in the arm.

nine needles later, and another round of pain killers,

the arm was just doing fine come friday night.

and then there was an amazing dj to blame,

curse and bless with a true blend of bossa nova and house.

patti and i rarely left the dance floor.

it's been a long while since i've been out like that.

i don't think we got home until about five am,

so that really surprised me to be awake when the alarm went off

just two hours later.

and aside from the arm, i really was feeling alright.

but i reckon that was prolly the better decision anyhow,

as i was back up again by nine am

and started working on the wedding photographs

as they needed to be done for today.

i didn't end up finishing with those until eleven pm.

and aside from stepping out for an hour to get groceries,

and taking pup for a walk,

there is no way i would have managed to get them all finished,

had i actually gone and done the flea market.

but the nice surprise in the day,

was running into melanie while getting groceries,

an acquaintance of an acquaintance lady that i know.

and her asking me about photographing her upcoming wedding.

we made an appointment for earlier this afternoon

and i was really hoping that she was going to say yes

after seeing my portfolio.

it would have been a nice surprise to add to the september,

as i wasn't reckoning with any more assignments

beyond anke's wedding on the second of september.

and she did say yes.

making for a very very happy me.

later in the afternoon,

had an appointment with the other bride

and there's always the anxiety as to whether or not

the client really will be pleased with the photographs.

and a moment of relief, when you can see it written on their face,

or spoken with their eyes.

the sunday morning itself was nice. quiet. content.

i'm enjoying the time away from "home"

and staying here at isabelle's.

it's like being able to take a deep breathe of air,

inhale and exhale.

spent part of the morning sitting outside,

drinking coffee and having a cigarette,

going thru old magazines

ripping out pages here and there.

inspirations. and reminders.

and a long talk on the phone with alex.

while i was at my client's,

a wonderful, almost secret mystery in my life

started sending text messages as well.

and this is possibly when i confess,

that they were leaving me with a smile on the face,

and maybe a bit of a blush on the face as well.

something about this man,

that i haven't yet figured out, aside from the curiousity

that he does leave me with.

the curiousity of the voice i hear speaking on the radio.

or of the man behind the words and thoughts,

both written and shared.

but this constant prelude forever feels like one step forward,

just to take one step back.

but it's sunday come monday morning now.

and there's much in this week to promise the self,

and much in this week to look forward to.

however, also much in this week that needs to be done.

so i'll simply finish off this glass of wine,

and wish the day good night.

Friday, August 18, 2006

dancing into flea markets

my friends know me

and they know me well enough to know,

that i can't say "no".

so with me procrastinating for the past hour,

trying to get myself into the basement,

sieve thru the junk in the garage that has

all been set aside for flea markets.

accumulations of the purgings that have taken place,

over the past year, the past months

unfortunately however, not the past weeks.

i only managed to do one flea market so far this year,

and considering i had vowed to have all of this junk

berid of my the end of summer,

i guess that means i'm not doing too well with my efforts?

the last flea market was end of july

and i actually wanted to blog about it.

make a silly list of all the little odds and ends

sold. and peacefully departed.

you know, it actually surprises me,

that these "accumulations" can really be anyone else's treasure.

they certainly aren't the treasures i go looking for

when visiting flea markets.

but it never ceases to surprise me.

and the last market,

left the load quite a bit lighter,

and then considering,

i definitely sell things much too cheap.

one euro here, and one euro there,

and fifty cents for that please.

but as i said,

i was procrastinating earlier on.

wanting to organise what i'll load into the car tomorrow,

or making the effort to find more pieces of junk

and give me the sensation of having done

even just a little more purging today.

and then along came patti.

standing outside, calling my name thru the window,

asking if i'll go out dancing with her tonight.

some club in freiburg that i've never been.

and then her claim that it's our generation of age.

gave her the cheekiest smile i had

reminding her of the last time she took us to a new club,

quoting the same assumption.

after that evening,

i also vowed i'd remain single for the rest of my life,

if that was really all that was out there.

frightening and haunting and chilling

but good for a laugh it was.

díd i already say

my friends know me

and they know me well enough to know,

that i can't say "no".

i can smile at that however as well,

because it's also something they'll never take forgranted.

at least not the true friends, the real friends.

and yes, we're working on learning to say that little word

at appropriate moments.

and looking at patti and hearing her say,

"but i need you. you can't make me go with bianca on my own"

there was no way i could say no to her not being able to say no.

vicious circles we live in these days.

timmy left earlier for his dad's for the next week.

and i just came back to meissenheim to prepare for the fleamarket.

and now that mission is accomplished too.

in record time.

downstairs is a pile that simply needs

to be arranged into the car in the morning,

in orderly chaos.

and i even found a few other odds and ends

to add to those piles.

nothing that makes a difference

and yet it does. somehow.

does that make any sense?

and i'm making yet another vow here,

that no matter how late tonight might be,

i will be at that flea market tomorrow.

even if i have to pull an all nighter.

mark my words.

and i'll make myself a list again tomorrow,

of all the things.

sold. and peacefully departed.

and i'll take pen and paper

to write other lists

because these days,

there are so many thoughts,

so many ideas

that lure their way thru the mind.

photos that i want and need to take this week,

the canvas that i need to paint.

the lamp that i almost placed in the pile this evening,

and suddenly envisioned a new life for her.

a life of boas. and feathers. and yes. light.

i'll take a pile of magazines with me

that need to be read and pages torn out,

of inspiration found.

i guess that counts as purging too?

so yes, in a sense, feng shui of the soul.

letting go to invite the new.

the money from tomorrow's flea market?

maybe we'll put it to the trip to paris

as i want to be back there again.

maybe september? maybe october?

or maybe for the trip to new york?

or simply for the new apartment?

we shall see.

but patti just honked the horn outside.

and it's time...

to put on those dancing shoes.

photo friday... friend

playing in colour, yet with the simplicity

of black and white.

while children playing in paint,

creating a world where it's good

to dare yourself to draw outside the lines.

and it's those days and moments,

that you almost learn more from children,


more than they could ever learn from us. as adults.

and meet julia and anna.

also known as friends.

and i remember watching these girls,

hoping that this friendship remains

with the same intimacy of shared secrets,

and dreams dared to be spoken out loud,

smiles and laughter understood.

a friendship that grows over the years,

holding memories like souveniers,

yet living with anticipation

of the journey ahead.

meet julia and anna.

friends. the best of friends.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

letters never sent...

letters never sent...

something i believe that all of us hold,

souveniers written on the heart.

of once upon a time.

for all those letters written, sealed, stamped.

but simply never sent.

those letters that were caressed with the i loves you.

we never dared to whisper.

they become stained. creased with time.

and somewhere we all have these letters.

tucked into the silent corners under a lock and a key.

but simply never sent.

* * * * *

old words i once wrote,

but in a sense, reflecting much of recent moments.

leaving me wonder, if this is a pattern,

and too often, i find myself biting my tongue

holding back the words that find themselves nesting there?

it's wednesday.

timmy and i drove isabelle to the train station

last night at midnight.

on the way home, we stopped to see if we could

catch shooting stars along the way.

but what started out as a clear sky night,

had a pillow of clouds and an ever so bright moon.

the both of us slept in long this morning,

and dare i confess,

it was a thirteen year old that actually was up before me?

i must also confess however,

that for the past week, i've been living on painkillers,

with a case of neuritis with my right arm.

and although it seemed to be getting better,

monday had me in tears with pain

and not even able to sleep.

thankful for any few moments that i would simply doze off

before the slightest movement had me jolted again.

yesterday i managed to get thru the day,

but it had its more than tender moments.

and today actually feels like a miracle.

so that's prolly my excuse for finally finding good sleep.

right now, timmy has a few friends over

and about to head out the door.

had to smile as he asked, if he could cook me dinner tonight.

yup, it might just be an omelette,

but it's timmy's new thing and i think it's sweet.

i'm listening to k.d. lang's

hymns of the 49th parallel.

truely one of the most beautiful cds ever.

and each time i listen to her renditions

there is a pull of the heartstrings

and sometimes it feels, like they are taking me home again.

'i drew a map of canada,

with your face sketched on it twice'

i see myself, sitting out on the veranda, by the lake.

chilled evenings and wrapped in blankets.

in someways, a memory

and in someways, a daydream of tomorrow.

things feel comfortable here at isabelle's.

strange is, this house is one that years ago,

i had vowed would one day be mine.

old acquaintances lived here and the first time

i stepped thru the door,

i felt as though there was a familiarity.

that was years ago.

and then when isabelle was looking for a new flat,

called me to say she found the perfect place.

on moving day, my mouth dropped when she stopped the car

and there we were.

that house that i fell in love with years earlier.

but as isabelle as said,

the next couple of weeks will simply be good for me,

in having my own space around me again.

quiet and peace before starting with the new job,

but also getting myself acquainted,

for the months ahead of me and moving out from "home" now.

i'll be stepping out in a few moments myself,

going to the market to buy some flowers.

as i do want to play with the camera in experimentation

also contemplating getting the new joy denalane cd

then i'll head home, spend a couple of hours

finishing off the rest of the wedding photographs

and getting the first load of fleurs here to isabelle's

so that petra can come over and help tomorrow

as there are a few packages that need to find their way

to new gardens and hopefully bloom into new magic.

and i'm looking forward to these next couple of weeks.

just the quiet and the serenity.

i hope they pass slowly, fully and completely

and not with the usual race and pace of time.

i want these days to be letters written,

but letters that are also sent, spoken

and shared.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

silly girls...

just back from baden baden

and the market that elisabeth was doing over the weekend.

elisabeth is a milliner and designer,

[although i really prefer the word of modiste so much more]

someone i've worked with since my gallery days,

but also someone that is a dear dear friend.

the good talks over good drinks kind of dear friend,

and lately, the thoughts on our minds

and the pulls on our hearts,

are on many of the same parallels.

with change on the horizon.

elisabeth was selling and showing the fleurs this weekend,

so i drove up to baden baden on friday,

and then this afternoon as well.

unfortunately for the both of us,

it really wasn't the best of markets.

but it was elisabeth that was there

and had to endure the rain, the cold,

and the dull and boring moments.

so today we talked about,

starting to work on a project of our own soon.

taking more photographs,

working together with the hats and the fleurs.

and getting elisabeth a new website done as well.

before we started taking the stand down this evening,

we were having a bit of a silly moment.

both of us feeling a bit like the weather,

grey, cold, rainy and simply blah.

the camera is always a good rememdy for that.

"ladies with an attitude

fellows that were in the mood

don't just stand there, let's get to it

strike a pose, there's nothing to it"

as madonna once said.

did i say that we were being silly girls?

oh, for the love of friends.

and elisabeth's hats!

Friday, August 11, 2006

what is blue...

friday night.

and i'm going to allow it to be a quiet friday night.

this week has been the first time in a long while,

that i've actually been spending evenings at home.

and i haven't really decided what this evening will hold.

maybe just me and the pup,

cuddled on the couch.

but right now, listening to the weepies

and i keep listening to "gotta have you" on repeat,

singing along,

"No amount of coffee, no amount of crying

No amount of whiskey, no amount of wine

No, nothing else will do

I've gotta have you, I've gotta have you."

there's something sweeter than honey,

listening to steve and deb's voices. together.

deb talan's cd is another one that i truely ever love.

her words. her lyrics. her voice. her music.

it can leave me here to melt, and make me all strong again.

and uschi put a smile on my face this week as well.

i just met her and anke for the first time,

earlier this week on monday.

two absolutely amazing women.

powerful. funny. strong. thoughtful. energy.

visions. dreams. stories. experiences.

we met at the osteria in freiburg,

sat back enjoying prosecco and red wine,

a table filled with tapas

and hours of endless conversations.

ideas dancing in the minds of the three of us.

ideas. but yes, possibly visions.

and i like to think there's the one or other project before us.


uschi is a mastermind of words. anke is a mastermind of design.

i can't begin to say how inspiring it was to meet them.

and i had to smile when i discovered what uschi wrote

in her daily news as well.

blush. blush. gush. gush.

it's been a week of many kind words.

as susan already made me blush earlier this week too.

and i think that's one of the things, that we can be most grateful for,

friends that surround us,

people that believe in you,

push you a bit further,

or simply embrace you.

i always believe, everyone enters our lives for a reason.

whether for a moment, a day, a month, a year,

or a lifetime.

but behind each person, there's a reason.

a companion meant to be sitting beside you,

on that empty chair.

photo friday... four

rather different than most of the photography i do,

and to be honest,

there was the one or other photo that i thought of

in retrospect,

however this was the first that came to mind.

four of my boys, so to speak.

from a london band called euphoria

and yes, there's not just the sight of "four" in this photo,

rather the sound of "four" in euphoria.

terry, calvin, scott and russell

it's been a good ten years of being friends

and i've always believed in the boys,

and these days, good good things are happening for them.

just recently, terry and russ called to say,

they've finally been signed.

and at the moment, they're on a bit of a european tour,

but also just found their was to new york, and los angeles.

we need to revamp their website,

as it's just a bit outdated at the moment,

but the "four" can be found here for now


and that's me and photo friday for now.

hope you have a lovely sweet weekend!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


"The main interest in life and work is to become someone else that you were not in the beginning.

If you knew when you began a book what you would say at the end, do you think that you would have the courage to write it? What is true for writing and for a love relationship is also true for life.

The game is worthwhile insofar as we don't know what will be the end."

- Michael Foucault -

i keep reflecting these words as of late.

i believe i first discovered them,

read them, at keri smith's lovely blog.

and these past months,

there have been so many chapters written,

chapters that have put smiles on the face,

maybe a bit of pain in the heart,

chapters that have yearned for their continuations

and chapters that have gracefully taken a bow and courtsey,

some chapters never found their final words,

and some chapters are possibly still being written.

our life is so much like a book,

each of us has our own personal book of stories.

and we compile these.

with each day and month.

and each year.

sometimes these stories are written in our hearts,

sometimes just in our minds.

and sometimes these stories are even written on the skin.

scars or wrinkles that remind us where we've been,

how we've grown and how we change.

forever evolving.

my mind is wandering these days.

seeking words,

maybe even wanting to step back into certain chapters

and moments.

and yet, eagerly waiting for the new chapters to begin.

but i suppose in simply writing these thoughts,

and all the things between the lines,

it's just a small way of writing the chapters of today.

because these are the moments that each of us,

right here and now.

maybe sometimes, that's the only thing we really share.

[photograph - unwrap this body

taken once upon a long time ago

in an earlier chapter]

Sunday, August 06, 2006

the camera's first light

the first photographs with the new canon.

a wedding yesterday, that i was asked to photograph.

no, i usually don't photograph weddings,

however i do admit,

something i could possibly enjoy.

when i first met the bride, i was really uncertain,

as to whether i could say yes to this assignment,

or not.

i'm sensitive with people. and especially with the camera.

i have to sense something with them, be able to see them,

almost like feel their stories upon meeting.

but i put myself up to the challenge,

because that's simply what we have to do.

it's a part of the process, a part of becoming.

there are over one thousand photographs to sort thru

starting at the salon in the morning

until the midnight hours and the cake being cut.

i especially had fun with all the children,

and there seems to be a magnet between me and them.

regardless if an evening like yesterday,

or visiting with friends,

i'll have the children around me, pulling on my leg,

calling my name

and last night, i can't recall how many times i found myself

sitting on the floor,

colouring with them, photographing them colouring,

or even having one sweet girl

coming up to me at the end of the evening

[at least my end to the evening, as i was getting ready to leave]

and give me a picture she drew,

and ask if i would come and sit beside her and her daddy.

poor thing, i think i burst out laughing.

i told her, that i was just about to leave,

but what would her daddy say to that.

she simply said,

"i like you. i think he might like you too."

god bless the innocence of little kids.

[mind you, daddy was rather something nice to look at.

and i have to admit, someone that had earlier,

already caught my eye?]

but when does it happen,

that we lose that innocence, and the simplicity of life

within ourselves?

it was a great evening yesterday,

and it was the first time

that i took the new camera out to play.

i wonder what other stories she'll have to tell along the way?

side note...

a cemetary is a place that i would never

ever have imagined,

using as a scenario for wedding photographs.

it had been raining all morning,

and just as we got out of the church,

the rain finally stopped.

the cemetary was in the courtyard of the church,

and that's when i could see the photographs.

not in the morbid sense of "until death do us part"

rather in the serenity

of angels and blessings.

in german, a cemetary is called a friedhof.

frieden meaning peace.

hof meaning courtyard.

i think it's actually a most beautiful word.

yesterday. today. tomorrow.

i've been quiet here lately.

but not for the sake of not having anything to say,

rather simply, not having the time to say.

each and every day has been a come and go.

spending many evenings out and about

seems to be the habit as of late.

and there have been flea markets

and garden parties with the fleurs.

evenings of wine and coffee with friends.

and summer almost feels as though it's faded already.

looking outside, there's august rain.

leaving almost an eerie feel in the air.

i ended up not being able to get the canon EOS 20D

and rather instead

the canon 350D found it's way to me.

i have to admit, i did have my mind set on the one,

but after yesterday's first photos with the 350D,

i think she'll be kind and generous to me as well.

the things that i wanted to write about over the past days?

the flea market and making lists of junk,

at least the purging and the junk that is now

someone else's treasure.

or writing about

a sunday night at the xavier naidoo concert,

the bitter sweet symphonies of the heart,

someone somewhere that i've been learning to let go of,

and finding strength in the self with just that.

however, confessions that there still are things

that we call sweet dreams.

and just like the cinematic dreams of wide open eyes,

each sequel leads to the next and the next.

or about thoughts, words that need to find their way to paper,

written in chapters, much like a book.

[tamara, both know what this is about,

and make me keep my word. to myself.]

i wanted to write about petra and i,

sitting out at the bistro on wednesday night

drinking coffees, and blankets wrapped around us,

just to keep the chill of a cool summer evening warm.

one of the sweet things of the bistro i must say.

they bring out blankets for all the guests,

and simply seeing people in the content,

of cuddling into themselves,

or into whoever it is beside them.

and the two of us,

making plans, dreaming plans,

making vows in friendship.

and yes, chapter two to the sweet sweet revenge.

or maybe that would be the final chapter.

like the closing door?

but maybe i'll find those words here yet.

recapturing them, and moments,

as though carving them in stone.

just to simply one day remember.

things that i'm looking forward to

over the next days? weeks? maybe even months?

a visit from a friend from hamburg.

and staying at isabelle's while she's off to vancouver

loving and living her days with my brother.

[and i still really can't believe it's true]

starting the new job in september

but still all the growing plans i have for myself.

working on new photographs,

and thinking new exhibits.

every now and then, it's simply about thinking of all the good,

and that's when we really know,

how far we've really already come.