Sunday, August 27, 2006

i thank you. for being you.


and our photo sessions of saturday.

in the short while i've known her,

since the spring of last year now,

she's definitely become one of my dearest friends.

and friends, are something that i know

i call myself blessed with.

not something to be taken forgranted

and a word i hold with the weight of gold.

and amongst theses circles of friends,

it's often as it is in relationships of love and life

you experience "love at first sight"

so to speak.

you meet them,

and you simply know this is someone

that is meant to play a role

and a part in your life.

and to all the dear ones in my life,

i can truely say to have been blessed with having them

thru long journeys in my life.

like common denominators.

and constant stars over years. and distance too.

patti and i met because of my fleurs.

a phone call from her one day,

asking if she could come by to see the fleurs.

she had heard of the rings, and then seen the rings.

and from that day on,

she's not only become a pillar of support,

a shoulder to lean on,

listening in a time of need,

wiped away tears or put a smile back on the face.

and then the conversations that go for hours on end.

there are the laughs and the silly moments,

and pedicures and last minute waxes,

massages too.

she's there to push me forward,

or bring me back down.

reminds me of my dreams when i feel reality has woken me,

believes in me when i reckon i'm stumbling on my way.

it's not uncommon for patti to come by

even late at night if she sees i'm still working.

and somedays, she simply

drops a little note and cherished words

under the door.

and with all things in life,

it's simply the little things that matter most.

the gestures. the thoughts.

and yes, always the talks.

and i'd just simply like to dedicate these photos

to a most wonderful, beautiful woman

called patti.

these photos to me,

are just the way i have gotten to know her.

the smile on her face. a look in her eye.

playful. and honestly authentic.

and i simply thank you patti,

for being you.

and the friend you are.


susan said...

these are all so beautiful angela. i really love the one of her in the bottom set #1. what a great session!!

decor8 said...

this is such a nice photo shoot, angela, and i just love the wall color, very serene.

how is your new job? are you still thinking about maybe moving to new york?

i'll be in germany for two months, we leave 21 september - can't wait to be in your beautiful country again.


susanna said...

Oh these are beeeeauuutiful! I just love the photograph of her jumping. What movement! And what colours! She must be thrilled with the final images, Angela.

Angela A said...


such clean and beautiful images. really shows a personality. i think that is a definite gift of yours.

are you moving to new york?

The Other Angela (LJ)