Friday, August 11, 2006

photo friday... four

rather different than most of the photography i do,

and to be honest,

there was the one or other photo that i thought of

in retrospect,

however this was the first that came to mind.

four of my boys, so to speak.

from a london band called euphoria

and yes, there's not just the sight of "four" in this photo,

rather the sound of "four" in euphoria.

terry, calvin, scott and russell

it's been a good ten years of being friends

and i've always believed in the boys,

and these days, good good things are happening for them.

just recently, terry and russ called to say,

they've finally been signed.

and at the moment, they're on a bit of a european tour,

but also just found their was to new york, and los angeles.

we need to revamp their website,

as it's just a bit outdated at the moment,

but the "four" can be found here for now


and that's me and photo friday for now.

hope you have a lovely sweet weekend!

1 comment:

susan said...

oh this is a great photo angie per usual. i love the way they are looking at you through your lens.
will go check out their music now.
now that i am awake and recovered ...