Sunday, August 06, 2006

the camera's first light

the first photographs with the new canon.

a wedding yesterday, that i was asked to photograph.

no, i usually don't photograph weddings,

however i do admit,

something i could possibly enjoy.

when i first met the bride, i was really uncertain,

as to whether i could say yes to this assignment,

or not.

i'm sensitive with people. and especially with the camera.

i have to sense something with them, be able to see them,

almost like feel their stories upon meeting.

but i put myself up to the challenge,

because that's simply what we have to do.

it's a part of the process, a part of becoming.

there are over one thousand photographs to sort thru

starting at the salon in the morning

until the midnight hours and the cake being cut.

i especially had fun with all the children,

and there seems to be a magnet between me and them.

regardless if an evening like yesterday,

or visiting with friends,

i'll have the children around me, pulling on my leg,

calling my name

and last night, i can't recall how many times i found myself

sitting on the floor,

colouring with them, photographing them colouring,

or even having one sweet girl

coming up to me at the end of the evening

[at least my end to the evening, as i was getting ready to leave]

and give me a picture she drew,

and ask if i would come and sit beside her and her daddy.

poor thing, i think i burst out laughing.

i told her, that i was just about to leave,

but what would her daddy say to that.

she simply said,

"i like you. i think he might like you too."

god bless the innocence of little kids.

[mind you, daddy was rather something nice to look at.

and i have to admit, someone that had earlier,

already caught my eye?]

but when does it happen,

that we lose that innocence, and the simplicity of life

within ourselves?

it was a great evening yesterday,

and it was the first time

that i took the new camera out to play.

i wonder what other stories she'll have to tell along the way?

side note...

a cemetary is a place that i would never

ever have imagined,

using as a scenario for wedding photographs.

it had been raining all morning,

and just as we got out of the church,

the rain finally stopped.

the cemetary was in the courtyard of the church,

and that's when i could see the photographs.

not in the morbid sense of "until death do us part"

rather in the serenity

of angels and blessings.

in german, a cemetary is called a friedhof.

frieden meaning peace.

hof meaning courtyard.

i think it's actually a most beautiful word.


susan said...


susanna said...

Angela, these are terrific! Your clients are going to LOVE them! If I was the bride, I'd burst into tears of happiness. :)

PS - Glad to see that you're back.

cally said...

Gorgeous dress, beutiful bride, wonderful photographs. Thanks for popping by my blog despite my long and lingering absence. x

Monique & Paul said...

I think these are beautiful photographs.

This is la_magdalena/Monique from LJ. I have a blogspot too and saw you were posting here xo

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

wonderful wonderful glorious amaze me what you capture in detail, such light and love!!!