Sunday, August 06, 2006

yesterday. today. tomorrow.

i've been quiet here lately.

but not for the sake of not having anything to say,

rather simply, not having the time to say.

each and every day has been a come and go.

spending many evenings out and about

seems to be the habit as of late.

and there have been flea markets

and garden parties with the fleurs.

evenings of wine and coffee with friends.

and summer almost feels as though it's faded already.

looking outside, there's august rain.

leaving almost an eerie feel in the air.

i ended up not being able to get the canon EOS 20D

and rather instead

the canon 350D found it's way to me.

i have to admit, i did have my mind set on the one,

but after yesterday's first photos with the 350D,

i think she'll be kind and generous to me as well.

the things that i wanted to write about over the past days?

the flea market and making lists of junk,

at least the purging and the junk that is now

someone else's treasure.

or writing about

a sunday night at the xavier naidoo concert,

the bitter sweet symphonies of the heart,

someone somewhere that i've been learning to let go of,

and finding strength in the self with just that.

however, confessions that there still are things

that we call sweet dreams.

and just like the cinematic dreams of wide open eyes,

each sequel leads to the next and the next.

or about thoughts, words that need to find their way to paper,

written in chapters, much like a book.

[tamara, both know what this is about,

and make me keep my word. to myself.]

i wanted to write about petra and i,

sitting out at the bistro on wednesday night

drinking coffees, and blankets wrapped around us,

just to keep the chill of a cool summer evening warm.

one of the sweet things of the bistro i must say.

they bring out blankets for all the guests,

and simply seeing people in the content,

of cuddling into themselves,

or into whoever it is beside them.

and the two of us,

making plans, dreaming plans,

making vows in friendship.

and yes, chapter two to the sweet sweet revenge.

or maybe that would be the final chapter.

like the closing door?

but maybe i'll find those words here yet.

recapturing them, and moments,

as though carving them in stone.

just to simply one day remember.

things that i'm looking forward to

over the next days? weeks? maybe even months?

a visit from a friend from hamburg.

and staying at isabelle's while she's off to vancouver

loving and living her days with my brother.

[and i still really can't believe it's true]

starting the new job in september

but still all the growing plans i have for myself.

working on new photographs,

and thinking new exhibits.

every now and then, it's simply about thinking of all the good,

and that's when we really know,

how far we've really already come.

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susan said...

i love the idea of the bistro blankets. mmmm, how wonderful! tamara and i will be prodding you along on this one my dear from coast to coast to smells very very sweet from here!