Wednesday, July 26, 2006

midnight gibberish.

maybe this blog entry is a bit drunken midnight gibberish.

well, not really drunk,

but definitely the one or other glass of wine

enjoyed this evening.

had to head out to town to run a few errands this afternoon,

stopping off at isabelle's to see how she was doing

and then we decided to spend the evening together as well.

she's taken the week off at the salon,

so she didn't really feel we should be out and about,

rather just enjoy a quiet evening at her place.

i headed back home,

take care of a few things first and then,

had to call tamara and share the latest insane insanity with her

just even thinking about it, leaves a nasty grin on my face.

and i haven't a clue where to begin,

where to start,

but at the moment, simply knowing,

it's something that needs to be done.

and dedicated in sweet loving blissfully beautiful revenge

to a certain someone that has been the good and bad

in my life as of late.

of course, only confessing this at the moment,

thank you to that one or other glass of wine.

so shortly after eight pm,

i headed back to isabelle's

we were efficiently co-ordinated and ordered dinner

as i was sitting myself into the car.

the evening was spent,

with much conversation, planning a picnic menu

that i'll be sharing with someone next week,

getting all girly and singing refrains and fragments of

carly simon and joni mitchell songs.

"You are in my blood like holy wine

and you taste so bitter

but you taste so sweet.

I could drink a case of you darling,

And I would still be on my feet."

and in all the contradictions i can be,

as i was on my way home,

all i had in the car singing to me was

fat boy slim and jamiroquai.

which regardless, still felt just as good

on a hot but cooling summer night.

in the car, windows down and driving home again.

at the moment, things feel good.

or at least they feel better.

there's still lots of unravelling that needs to be done,

but there's a calm in the way things feel at the moment.

much like the air that hangs outside the window sill tonight.

still, peaceful, quiet,

but you can sense that even on a clear sky evening,

something is on it's way.

and just as i wrote those words,

the most subtle breeze hushed a promise.

on friday i have yet another meeting regarding the position.

we'll be doing the final negotiations of the contract,

and with great possibility,

me signing on the dotted line.

at the moment, i'm welcoming the decision.

and i do believe that even as difficult as it'll be,

to start up with this position,

basically, starting up a new company and running a new company,

while still running my own business,

it'll be progression.

and something that will eventually bring parallels,

or find it's companionship hand in hand.

i keep reminding myself,

that all things happen with reason.

part of a masterplan.

but it's usually first in retrospect,

as we glance back over our shoulders,

that we really see how it was always meant to be.

and it's midnight now.

i'm going to take myself, a glass of wine and a cigarette,

sit outside on the couch,

watch the stars and satellites

and let the summer evening wrap it's air and breeze around me.

listen to the crickets

and wait for a shooting star,

simply to make a wish.

[and the photo above has nothing to do with these writings

simply a photograph taken once upon a time]


susanna said...

Oh, I wish I was sitting beside you on the couch, Angela, watching "the stars and satellites." Perfect.

susan said...

what a twisted web we weave....
ok, phone time tomorrow girly.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

...the way you write makes me feel like i am listening to the music of your soul unwind, and drinking in your hopes and dreams! I cannot wait to see unfolds for you!