Saturday, July 01, 2006

little bits and pieces...

"It's Spring fever...

You don't quite know what it is you do want

but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so."

- Mark Twain -

no, it's not spring. rather summer.

but i just discovered those words the other day,

and found them so compelling, so true.

and so beautiful.

so these words have found their place, here and now.

although i'm meant to be tidying up the place,

and getting groceries for tonights bbq

at isabelle's...

[by the way, happy canada day!]

i've just poured myself another cup of coffee,

and will take up the challenge in a moment.

i promised isabelle i'd simply make

a tomatoe and mozarella dish

and of course, my ceasar salad.

she's gotten all we need for the grill,

and the wine of course.

i'll pick up some french baguette later as well.

the boys should be coming back later this afternoon,

and awaiting their stories and adventures of the past two days.

it was however a welcome moment,

just having a bit of quiet and solitude

for myself.

there was thinking time, reflecting time.

and furthering this mother of my resume project.

i'm still not sure where these ideas are leading,

or if it's something i'll actually do.

but sending these resumes off, is maybe more about

releasing an energy.

or simply stepping towards a dream, a thought

and watching what evolves along the way.

i do have a second interview on wednesday

for the position that i interviewed with last week.

whether that means that i stand a good chance,

i'm not too sure yet.

we'll take that as it comes.

however, in an abstract way,

i can see it possibly being interesting

for my business as well.

which of course,

is something i definitely won't be letting go of.

it's not just my business,

but it's also something personal.

it's a part of me.

outside feels like the perfect summer day.

birds are singing, grass is lush and green,

there's just the slightest breeze.

and it's inviting a lazy summer day of nothing.

i'll be off to patti's at around two,

a swim and a dip in the pool.

and that means,

maybe i should get back to taking care of things,

bringing order into the house, run the errands,

and then find that lazy crazy day of summer

after all.


susanna said...

Happy Canada Day, Angela! My vision of you...typing out resumes, having the pages fly from your apartment, through the window and out into the world. You never know who will catch one!

Chris said...

Guten tag Angie...
And now, and voice from the past.

Send me a note sometime.