Tuesday, June 27, 2006

when in france...


and we're meant to be long off and away

to france already.

like about over an hour ago.

but i swear, my boys here need more time getting ready,

than i do.

one or the other is in rotation of falling asleep,

and then the panic breaks that the day is almost done.

i give up. i honestly give up.

and if the bro doesn't find his way out of the shower

and the bathroom soon,

i'm seriously going to be worrying about him.

and remind me not to give them food.

as in "don't feed the animals"

because this mysterious sleep syndrome,

occurs relative to breakfast, lunch or dinner.

had an interesting interview for a position in pforzheim yesterday,

applied for the position of a buyer,

however they proposed two other positions

in which they could equally envision me in fulfilling.

i have to admit that the second position

caught my intrigue the most.

it would include much travel,

at least on pretty well a monthly basis.

monte carlo, hong kong, south africa, las vegas, copenhagen,

paris, and the list goes on.

and although in sales, more so a project management position.

with a great palette of already existing customers.

the third position just as intriguing,

and definitely more scope to grow and climb the corporate ladder,

however i know too little of the company,

nor this industry to possibly evaluate if that would be in my interest,

or intrigue as well.

initial role as the project manager for a start up subsidiary company,

leading the position of managing director

[if you manage the project just fine that is]

again, this was just the preliminary interview,

and that still doesn't mean a thing.

so like with most things in life,

i'm simply going to roll the dice, take the chances

and see what evolves.

really, it's all that one can do.

i'm not progressing as i'd like with my english resume,

and i really fear that i won't have it done in time

to apply for the one position in new york,

that most has my appeal and attraction at the moment.

and that one has a closing date of the 30th of june.

i'm not even sure what my objective is with this at the moment,

maybe not even so much getting myself to new york,

but simply stepping towards the dream,

the ambition

and yes, taking the chance. releasing the energy

and seeing what other energy this attracts.

it's all about the change in my life,

and at times, there's so much at once,

it leaves me bewildered with me,

and a bit dizzy at times.

frightening, but very very welcoming.

and it's something, i've so long wanted to do,

have even passed down previous opportunity,

maybe for the fear, the doubt, the uncertainty.

and that's simply the shadow in me i'm challenging these days.

however, the only change i am welcoming at this moment,

is simply his royal highness we call my brother,

to get himself out of the shower and moving downstairs

direction the car.

this is by no means, a case of sanity.


susan said...

have some fun in france dear!!!!

susanna said...

You really are leading an exciting life! Minitrips to France? Sigh... Going to Paris is one of my dreams. One day! Good luck with all the job interviews. It's great that your interviewers also suggested two more positions within their company, isn't it? They must be very impressed with you, Angela. The one involving travel to Monte Carlo, Hong Kong, South Africa...sounds really exciting. And get that resume out to NYC! Who knows what will happen? You may be living your dream in NYC within the year!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

not fair you are there when I am not! I missed you! Kiss the ground for me!

Caty said...

oh! where in France?

angela said...

okay, maybe i should have edited that...

but today's trip to france was simply over to strasbourg... just over the rhine from me. a small drive away.

susan... had to think of you while we were walking down the cobblestones and sitting in cafes. it was just last summer the both of us were there!



decor8 said...


i haven't stopped by your blog in a very long time. today, omondieu popped into my brain so i stopped by and now i'm reading a post about your possible assuming a role in the corporate world or perhaps moving to new york. where have i been? i can't believe how much your life changes. i'm happy you're enjoying the ride. i was a proj. mgr for nearly 10 years in the corporate world until i jumped ship last year. i loved it/hated it/and everything between. the checks were steady. the relationships i found will last a lifetime. i will never forget that experience. i may never return, but for now, i'm happy on my own. but then again, i'm married. i can afford to screw around a bit since my life isn't based on my income - we have money coming in from his corporate career. but, if that were to change, i'd consider returning to work. if i were still single, i doubt i would have ever left. there's part of being involved in daily life that i enjoyed. something i don't get here in a home office everyday or even on client visits. going for cocktails after finishing a project with colleagues, our daily walks to chinatown for sushi or maki or udon or perhaps just grabbing a sandwich at a kiosk on the way - those times i really miss. i miss the meetings, the conference calls, staying at work until midnight pumping energy beverages through my veins so i could finish the work by deadline the next morning. i never had a job were travel was required. at least, not on a plane. i had to travel between offices a lot within ma/nh but outside of that, no hong kong, copenhagen, or paris. that sounds like a great life for a single gal. i wouldn't want it now because i'm married and my husband wouldn't be too keen on having me out of the house so much, but back in the day, i would have accepted a position like that without second thought. but, on the flipside, looks like you're looking to relo to nyc. would you come here on an h1b visa? or perhaps you have a tn visa still from your days in canada? new york is such a fascinating place. my husband keeps pushing me to move there for 2 years just to experience the life. he said he didn't move here from hannover to live in boring new england. i guess i understand what he means. but i'm scared to relo to nyc. there was a time when fear didn't grip me, but since i moved into my 30s now, i don't know, i tend to overthink things. i have to reclaim my sense of adventure.

please keep posting on your blog about your 'should i stay or should i go' thoughts. i can't wait to see what you decide to do.


susan said...

oh angie, all four of us think of that time last summer often! ...when lenny was a pup dragging us through those streets and being greeted by complete strangers because of that darling dog! can't wait to see you again and well, on to new exlporations with angie! this time maybe on our side of the pond?