Friday, January 16, 2009

words. chapters of a year...

words. thoughts. fragments of words and thoughts.

that were spoken. and written.

in the days and weeks and months

of a year gone by.

these become our chapters. and our stories.

in this wonderful things we call,

our book of life.

and seeing words splashed on a collage like this,

makes me realise how wonderful language is.

how beautiful language is.

it's expression. communication.

and even when written rather than spoken,

it's voice. it's signature.

of the self.

simply reflections of the self.

each word we allow to cross our lips

to come from our minds or our hearts

is a reflection of the self.


i've been meaning and wanting to write for days now.

capture thoughts and moments

and maybe even to manifest what the new year is to be.

but for now,

i'll simply share these words.

sweet. simple. words.

of the days and weeks and months

of a year gone by.


thank you tam...

for giving me and showing me my wordle words.

blowing you a kiss. just for that.

and just for you being you.