Monday, May 18, 2009

cherry trees...

seeing clearly.
illuminations. of light
the katrin sessions.

i walked thru the garden

and picked my first cherries from the tree.

it felt like that first taste of sweet.

i simply stood there,

reaching out and reaching up...

and what was it that pablo neruda once said?

"i want to do with you

what spring does with cherry trees..."

and i found a smile on my face.

today, it felt like there was magic in the garden.

and magic in the day.

i saw my first rose that came to bloom.

augusta louisa.

with her orange and peach and pink.

and it's just a day or two,

and then my peonies,

will hold their promise too.

i saw the first shades of lavender,

and the shy white purity of my jasmine.

with each and every day,

it feels like its all promising something new.

you know,

life amazes me at times.

simply, the little things...

like a garden in spring.

and cherry trees.'

and what amazed you today?

what made you fall into that glorious wonder of wonder?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

capturing light...

glimpses of saturday morning
and the katrin sessions.
capturing light, as it falls thru a window
upon realms of the aura of beauty.

there was much that i wanted to write today.

simply little ramblings of thoughts. happenings.

things that make me smile these days.

and maybe even those things,

that carry themselves heavy on the heart.

but i've come to suddenly notice,

that sunday has almost come to past

and it's leaving me content with just the quiet

and the still of the night.

so instead, i'll simply and quietly share a photograph or two

from the katrin sessions. yesterday.

and i'll slip outside with a glass of wine,

sit on the steps and feel the soft hushed wind and gentle fall of rain,

gaze a little at the skies

and maybe see a star light, star bright,

to make my wish come true tonight.

and i'll open my arms and open my heart to a new day

and a new week.

and hope she's good and wonderful for all of us.