Thursday, April 27, 2006

wish you were here...

so yesterday starts off with an email from petra


remember what we talked about on sunday?

that we've got to get back to spending more time for ourselves

and with ourselves?

well, what do you think about a weekend in dublin?

check out ryan air.



i was tempted, i'll honestly admit.

and there's nothing more that i could enjoy right now

than a weekend away. just some time away.

but i told her right now just wasn't that good.

maybe we can just take a saturday,

pack a picnic, drive down to como

i'll bring the finest wine glasses

and we'll get ourselves a bottle of wine

sit down around the lake

and simply spend a lazy day...

but then yesterday

she writes back

and doesn't let easy.

so off i go to ryan air

asked her when she was thinking of going

and that was the moment i decided

was there really a way that i was going to say no?

baden baden to dublin on the 19th of may

dublin to baden baden on the 21st of may

for a grand total of 72 euro for the both of us.

now we just have one slight problem...

we've enquired at over 20 hotels and even hostels

and other than U2's clarence hotel

at a mere few hundred euro a night,

it doesn't really seem like there's anything we're going to find?

oh this is going to be fun.

let's see if my travel agent can pull me out of this one

and save the day.


we're going to dublin.

we're going to dublin.

we're going to dublin.

and i so forever love that city.

Friday, April 21, 2006

some days are...

beautiful. simply beautiful.

and never cease to amaze me.

and today, just might very well be one of those days.

...up early. birds singing.

and i think a good night with pleasant dreams. cup in hand while taking pup outside.

...having the neighbour's kids come over for a few hours

helping out with work. accountant calling, and switching our meeting to next week

[oh relief! guess who wasn't finished with the 1st quarter year yet?]

...nicole calling. me reckoning, she was about to ask where the orders are,

but she had a huge lovely new order instead

[one or two of these a week, and things would be just perfectly fine]

...ellegirl [germany] writing to ask for the omondieu! press kit

[although they did just go bust in the states?]

...chats with someone that makes you smile

...a coffee at the bistro in offenburg with a friend.

perfect on a spring day.

...picking up fresh flowers and strawberries at the market

...eating the fresh strawberries.

...coming home and finding a tamara luv package on the steps. again.

a copy of the life & style magazine, featuring our misters & misses collection.

a cheque [always say yes to money!] for me to sign

the sweetest card with the sweetest words

the carla bruni cd, which i have no way of her knowing, that i wanted,

and i almost couldn't believe it when i saw

the julie cuff's that i had so been coveting.

tamara. me loves you. my sweetie.

...markus from designspotter reckoning we should exhibit the toyko blickfang together

[would be so brilliant, and no way i could swing it on my own]

we'll talk next week. once he knows more.

...undine writing an email to say that joy magazine [germany] wants the omondieu! press kit now too.

and i do think, this day will just carry on.

just being good. feeling good.

could one say... spring is in the air?

Photo Friday... Golden

trying to decide,

which photograph meant "golden" to me today,

i reflected on a photograph of an artist,

that uses the "golden" colours of ochers and browns.

and yes, speckles of gold.

or a photograph of a green spring field

filled with golden dandelions.

but then, i found myself thinking of "golden" moments.

those that we treasure most.

and this photograph of a dear friend,

her growing daughter

and a baby in the belly came to mind.

an intimate moment,

but definitely a golden moment.

[and emma has "golden" locks

so i guess that counts too.]

Thursday, April 20, 2006

a big psychic orgasm.

"to achieve the marvelous, you must do the unthinkable...,

the answer will hit, like a big psychic orgasm,

if you listen to your dreams. they never lie."

e. jean carroll

tamara sent me a "luv you" package recently.

she put together a little sweet box,

filled with words, quotes, inspirations

to walk me thru the day.

and i make it my little habit,

by pulling out a piece of paper a day

and trying to remember that

in all the things i do.

this was yesterday's thought.

and i do believe it left me with a smile on my face

all day.

and in more than just one way. or another.

[photo booths.

los angeles, june 2005

while petra and i were at the mtv movie awards

for a style lounge

dana, my dearest and oldest friend

from young and silly days

happened to be in los angeles that weekend too.

so she stayed an extra day

and we took up our rituals.

called photo booths.]

Friday, April 14, 2006

Illustration Friday... Spotted


with freckles.

with paint.

and always "spotted" with your best friend

as you walk together thru life.

julia and anna

after painting in the gallery

Photo Friday... Full


and there's a lot that comes to mind.

full of dreams.

full of hope.

full of life.

and yes... maybe is a glass half full. or half empty.

but then i remembered this photograph

of an emtpy cup of coffee.

and that meant that

i was "full" with coffee

that tasted fabulously wonderful.

i was "full" with inspiration,

as this was a coffee on a sunday morning in paris

i was "full" with the sensation of content

because it was coffee with a dear friend

and good conversation.

so yes, an empty coffee cup

really is full.

it just depends how you look at it.

[photograph taken in paris

in a café just down the way from the sacre coeur

the original photograph can currently be found

at the artstream gallery]

Thursday, April 13, 2006


so. i guess it's official now.

i am a designspotter.

in the midsts of what was already a busy insane week,

markus, one of the masterminds behind designspotter

asked me if i would like to join the team

and become a designspotter myself.

i was absolutely flattered,

even if unsure of what the actual proposition was.

markus had asked me a few times in the past

if i didn't want to put omondieu! up on designspotter,

and i did...

but i guess i was being lazy or simply caught up with things.

or maybe, the first time that i had tried to work with the template

my photographs and me were simply having a fit.

and then he needed some help with a translation this week

and after that,

i got another hint hint and nudge nudge and poke poke

as a subtle reminder.

so i finally put my work up for submission

but i also sent him a few recommendations of designers and projects

that i too could very well see as designspotted [so to speak].

so when he asked, i reckoned as an unofficial designspotter

and it simply means that i introduce a few people to the project.

basically, the same thing i do anytime i run across something

that makes my heart beat all the faster.

but markus came back saying,

he'd like me to be in charge of the fashion department.

and obviously, he then had already captured more than just my intrigue.

so before i really knew it,

i had an official title...

and damn does that feel good.

of course,

you can find it here,

if you scroll down just a bit.

well markus. needless to say,

you made my day!

[the photo above is simply a treasure

found at a flea market

once upon a time ago.]

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


sometimes, the way we look at things,

is all about a perspective.

and that perspective can change everything.

so at the moment, i'm trying to look at some things differently,

things like interviews.

i can't explain why or when it started,

but interviews are something i dread.

i can enjoy the "spotlight" so to speak,

but sometimes there's this part of me

that simply enjoys being behind the scenes all the more.

at times i think that my photography much relates to that.

i like observing, seeing, showing things

from behind the lens.

there's magic in that. maybe there's even more intimacy in that.

you get to see things differently

in a way, that no one else can.

so interviews are always something i've been hesitant about.

again. no real explanation.

however i've often passed the oppurtunity in the past,

either simply, unsure of what i wanted or needed to say,

or because of time [true but always a great friend in excuse]

but the past week, it suddenly seems as though the interview gods

are out to get me.

and i've decided,

it's time to step out and look at these from a different perspective.

maybe simply see them, as conversation we have

with friends.

the way i would sit with a friend over coffee,

just telling her about my highs and my lows,

the things that make me feel happy

or the things that occupy my mind.

simply in the way that you share things with friends.

conversations. that's what they are.

but it's in the same way that i work with my camera as well.

i try to capture something.

visually, but "visually speaking" is a powerful language as well.

and so looking at that perspective,

it's the way that i "interview" people, life, and moments.

and as maybe small and trivial as it feels,

it's a big step for me.

almost like stepping over my own shadow.

and these interviews couldn't have come at a worse time,

so that makes it all the more challenge for me.

at the moment, there are so many things occupying me,

challenging me, and in some ways, almost frightening me.

and a week, that i'm not able to spend much time with work

and yet there's much that needs to be done.

hence once again, another late night shift with the computer

[and so why am i blogging and not really working?

i guess this is the conversation with my own self,

kind of like mentally preparing me for what i'm about to do]

the one interview is for a book.

something i've already declined in the past

and although it doesn't mean that my interview will be used

in this project or book,

i'm seeing the value in saying yes this time around.

the other interview is for a new "secret" project about to be launched

and i was honestly ever so flattered to be asked to be a part of this.

and the other interview is for the preparations of a great event

happening this weekend at artstream

and i so wish i could be there myself.

but maybe, by simply sharing thoughts and words,

this is one way of being able to be all the more apart of it.

so like in the photograph above.

i'm taking a different perspective

in the midsts of conversations amongst the girls,

i'm catching a bit of the reflection in the mirror myself.

[london photographs. and female conversations.


but sometimes the best talks take place in the ladies room]

Friday, April 07, 2006

Photo Friday... Organized

today's photo friday thought is organized.

and the first thought that came to mind reading that,

is my mother.

she was a natural at organization,

[although i'm not speaking of her in past tense,

rather my days, growing up in past tense]

from the linens in the cupboards,

to mending socks,

to getting me to the skating rink at six am,

and working various jobs to allow for my skating

and all the other things a little girl does.

to preparing every meal,

and if something could be made, it wasn't bought.

be it from jams and marmalades,

to pickles and frozen fruit,

which was planted and gardened, prepared and frozen

to last until the next year again.

to noodles and yet, alway finding time to bake a cake

to take to school.

in the midsts of that, helping me with homework.

i look back and realise, her days never ended.

and yes, occassionally you'd see a tired look in the eyes,

but she did it all. gracefully, naturally,

and it isn't until my days as a woman,

that i can see the love and the dedication behind that.

yes, the organization too.

there are days, i have a hard time just taking care of my own life,

a bit of chaos. organized chaos if you like.

and i have my mother's eyes. i have my mother's smile.

but sometimes, i just wish there was that much more

of my mother in me.

Illustration Friday... Speed


watching taxis speed by in london.

but also, according to the merriam webster dictionary...


4. the sensitivity of a photographic film, plate or paper expressed numberically. the light gathering power of a lens or optical system. the time during which a camera shutter is open.

5. a transmission gear in automotive vehicles or bicycles.

hush hush secret...

i'm sending out a secret celebration promotion

to my omondieu! customers

allowing them to be the first to get the new poesie collection

and so of course, i'd love for you to be a part of the celebration too

[isn't this awful, shameless self promotion?]

you can pre order now for may delivery

and enter the voucher number 506063232 at check out

and receive 25% off on your order.

whether omondieu! flower rings or the poesie shirts...

you can find them all here, at omondieu!

my little way of saying thank you

and celebrating blue skies, singing birds on budding trees

and things that make us feel all good inside!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

ireland... part 3

[of course.

much more lovely if you click for a larger view.]

may i introduce... petra.

once upon a time in september. in ireland.

ireland... part 2

i want it to be spring...

and it's not.

it's cold. it's grey. it's raining.


but i am trying to remind myself,

that all this rain does mean,

is that life will become a voluptious green,

a lush green. and flowers will grow. and trees will sprout.

however, just a bit of sun and warm spring breeze

would be a treat for the soul right now.

i actually don't always mind the rain.

if i'm in ireland, i need the rain.

i love being by the sea with rain around me.

or cuddled up, on the couch,

with the duvet wrapped around me.

so, in trying to find celebration on days, even like today.

i simply thought i'd visit ireland.

visually speaking of course.

and photos taken once upon a while ago.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

pablo neruda...

simply one of my favourite quotes,

from a favourite poet.

and what better a time to remember these words,

than with spring itself.

"i want to do with you,

what spring does with the cherry trees."

- pablo neruda -

the sagittarius today...

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 21): It is a detail-oriented housecleaning day for you Archers. It can actually feel great to clean into the nooks and crannies where you haven't been in a while. This isn't just about making your place look pretty; it's about creating a space for you that is healthy for your spirit, as well as for your body.

funny. sweet.

taking a break from cleaning. going thru emails and having a cup of coffee.

and then i find my horoscope.

i have to confess, i don't read my horoscope day to day.

i have an extra mailbox where things like this, or newsletters land.

usually only peak in to take a look at that maybe once a week.

and i also have to confess,

i'll never ever win the housekeeper of the year award.

i like a house tidy,

but cleaning in the nitty grittys is something i haven't yet mastered.

i like a house lived in.

but lately, the state of this house is beyond me.

so it hasn't really been getting into the nooks and crannies,

but there's been putting back in place,

sweeping [and the damn vacuum cleaner is broken too] and dusting

and yes.

small attempts at purging once again.

not much found it's way into the bin.

but sometimes, it's the little things that make the big difference.

much like with all things in life.

so now all that is left is the bedroom

and i'm not even going to go near the upstairs office space

that's not my mess. ahem.

[although i have taken it on as a mission

to eventually renovate and decorate this room.

and i reckon that chandelier number two will be finding it's home here too]

so i reckon the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom and the hallway,

soon to be the bedroom

is enough cleaning for me.

i had hoped to go out and take photographs today.

the first day that the sun was actually out to play.

and then thunderstorms. and now spring showers

what might feel nice if the sky weren't so grey.

at least it's slowly starting to look like green outside these days.

and i had an urge to go to the flea market today

but couldn't find the paper to see if there was one in the area.

so instead

i bought myself a treaure on ebay that i've long been hoping for.

ever since childhood days been hoping for.

my little babushka nesting dolls.

pretty in pink they are.

we'll have to see where they find their home.

so now, off to fulfill the rest of my horoscope,

make myself a bite to eat. i reckon i'll be lazy today.

spaghetti carbonara anyone?

but just wondering...

what other signs are out there. reading, watching?

birthdays are special days.

whisper in my ear,

what day was it is that you decided to say hello

to this beautiful life of yours?