Saturday, April 01, 2006

the sagittarius today...

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 21): It is a detail-oriented housecleaning day for you Archers. It can actually feel great to clean into the nooks and crannies where you haven't been in a while. This isn't just about making your place look pretty; it's about creating a space for you that is healthy for your spirit, as well as for your body.

funny. sweet.

taking a break from cleaning. going thru emails and having a cup of coffee.

and then i find my horoscope.

i have to confess, i don't read my horoscope day to day.

i have an extra mailbox where things like this, or newsletters land.

usually only peak in to take a look at that maybe once a week.

and i also have to confess,

i'll never ever win the housekeeper of the year award.

i like a house tidy,

but cleaning in the nitty grittys is something i haven't yet mastered.

i like a house lived in.

but lately, the state of this house is beyond me.

so it hasn't really been getting into the nooks and crannies,

but there's been putting back in place,

sweeping [and the damn vacuum cleaner is broken too] and dusting

and yes.

small attempts at purging once again.

not much found it's way into the bin.

but sometimes, it's the little things that make the big difference.

much like with all things in life.

so now all that is left is the bedroom

and i'm not even going to go near the upstairs office space

that's not my mess. ahem.

[although i have taken it on as a mission

to eventually renovate and decorate this room.

and i reckon that chandelier number two will be finding it's home here too]

so i reckon the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom and the hallway,

soon to be the bedroom

is enough cleaning for me.

i had hoped to go out and take photographs today.

the first day that the sun was actually out to play.

and then thunderstorms. and now spring showers

what might feel nice if the sky weren't so grey.

at least it's slowly starting to look like green outside these days.

and i had an urge to go to the flea market today

but couldn't find the paper to see if there was one in the area.

so instead

i bought myself a treaure on ebay that i've long been hoping for.

ever since childhood days been hoping for.

my little babushka nesting dolls.

pretty in pink they are.

we'll have to see where they find their home.

so now, off to fulfill the rest of my horoscope,

make myself a bite to eat. i reckon i'll be lazy today.

spaghetti carbonara anyone?

but just wondering...

what other signs are out there. reading, watching?

birthdays are special days.

whisper in my ear,

what day was it is that you decided to say hello

to this beautiful life of yours?


cally said...

Ah yes the nitty gritty cleaning, I save that for sunny days when I have really important things to avoid, like tax.

Your nesting dolls are one of the best I've seen yet, so beautiful, the colours, faces, patterns and shape are all delightful. Can I post them on my blog with a link to you? I'm guessing yes but let me know if not. And thanks for your comments, I enjoy your blog too.

decor8 said...

I love your matroshkas! They look very bright and perky! I have a set with 7 inside that are also pink, but less fuschia and more on the pink side with lots of lavender. In fact I am looking at them right now as they are displayed on a shelf above my workstation. When my auntie Patty moved from Argentina to Moscow, she started sending me lovely Russian goodies. Sadly, she passed away when she was 42, shortly after she opened the doors to her lovely Montessori and Art school in Newcastle, Maine. My matroshkas give me my patty memories. I miss her...