Thursday, April 20, 2006

a big psychic orgasm.

"to achieve the marvelous, you must do the unthinkable...,

the answer will hit, like a big psychic orgasm,

if you listen to your dreams. they never lie."

e. jean carroll

tamara sent me a "luv you" package recently.

she put together a little sweet box,

filled with words, quotes, inspirations

to walk me thru the day.

and i make it my little habit,

by pulling out a piece of paper a day

and trying to remember that

in all the things i do.

this was yesterday's thought.

and i do believe it left me with a smile on my face

all day.

and in more than just one way. or another.

[photo booths.

los angeles, june 2005

while petra and i were at the mtv movie awards

for a style lounge

dana, my dearest and oldest friend

from young and silly days

happened to be in los angeles that weekend too.

so she stayed an extra day

and we took up our rituals.

called photo booths.]


Rrramone said...

And what is better than a psychic orgasm? :-) Thanks for YOUR good thought for the day. And for all the other great resources. Glad to have met you!

susan said...

oh this strip is lovely! great great post angie!
hugs and love,


Ooh la love.

What a lovely quote, maybe sleep deprivation is making me cheesy, but your blog is like a summer breeze, all light and cool and refreshing.

Psychic said...

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