Friday, April 07, 2006

hush hush secret...

i'm sending out a secret celebration promotion

to my omondieu! customers

allowing them to be the first to get the new poesie collection

and so of course, i'd love for you to be a part of the celebration too

[isn't this awful, shameless self promotion?]

you can pre order now for may delivery

and enter the voucher number 506063232 at check out

and receive 25% off on your order.

whether omondieu! flower rings or the poesie shirts...

you can find them all here, at omondieu!

my little way of saying thank you

and celebrating blue skies, singing birds on budding trees

and things that make us feel all good inside!


susan said...

yes! i love these shirts angie and can not wait to get them!

ULLA said...

Oh the shirts are wonderful!!! so beautiful! I hope they do well for you...

decor8 said...

I love the bottom image the best - hanging on a vintage hanger on a peg rack. Very sweet image. The look is very Shabby Chic, as in Rachel Ashwell upscale vintage cottage designs. So fresh. I'll have to write about them once I see them. Maybe when Susan gets them in her studio I can check them out! :)



Ooh la love.

Is that beautiful you?

BTW, I just added your lovely link to my sidebar. We are link buddies!

Can you tell I'm running on soy latte fumes? Maybe I should try that thing called sleep.

I'm off to dream about 6" shoes.