Friday, April 07, 2006

Photo Friday... Organized

today's photo friday thought is organized.

and the first thought that came to mind reading that,

is my mother.

she was a natural at organization,

[although i'm not speaking of her in past tense,

rather my days, growing up in past tense]

from the linens in the cupboards,

to mending socks,

to getting me to the skating rink at six am,

and working various jobs to allow for my skating

and all the other things a little girl does.

to preparing every meal,

and if something could be made, it wasn't bought.

be it from jams and marmalades,

to pickles and frozen fruit,

which was planted and gardened, prepared and frozen

to last until the next year again.

to noodles and yet, alway finding time to bake a cake

to take to school.

in the midsts of that, helping me with homework.

i look back and realise, her days never ended.

and yes, occassionally you'd see a tired look in the eyes,

but she did it all. gracefully, naturally,

and it isn't until my days as a woman,

that i can see the love and the dedication behind that.

yes, the organization too.

there are days, i have a hard time just taking care of my own life,

a bit of chaos. organized chaos if you like.

and i have my mother's eyes. i have my mother's smile.

but sometimes, i just wish there was that much more

of my mother in me.


Suzy said...

That is so nice! Great post.

mbc said...

Great photo with an interesting commentary. I also wish I had a little more of my mother in me.

susan said...

i wish i had more of your mother in me too! then i would be more organized and we would be sisters! how fun would that be!
i love the photo angie. so too the words!

Lori Witzel said...

Beautifully done. I love this photo.

Although I look a bit like my mom, she's told me she wishes there was more of me -- the adventurous, creative, hard-headed me -- in her.

decor8 said...

I'm very close to my mother so reading this brought back many memories. Thanks for sharing your words of sweetness.

I remember my mother holding me as she read my favorite book, giving me $10 so I could go blow it all on hello kitty stickers and teaching me all about design and floral arranging - something that stuck with me for a lifetime. I only wish I could oil paint like her. I'm a goof with a paintbrush. :(

My mother and I are alike in so many ways, and I'm so proud of that. She is only in her 50s, so she is quite young and energetic yet so when we get together now with me being an adult, it's like two girlfriends dishing about art and design.


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

gentle kind tribute tender sweet you

Alicia P. said...


fraucowtown said...

Wonderful thoughts and photo! I found you through Photo Friday link!

Drivin' in my car said...

Yeah Baby!