Wednesday, April 05, 2006

i want it to be spring...

and it's not.

it's cold. it's grey. it's raining.


but i am trying to remind myself,

that all this rain does mean,

is that life will become a voluptious green,

a lush green. and flowers will grow. and trees will sprout.

however, just a bit of sun and warm spring breeze

would be a treat for the soul right now.

i actually don't always mind the rain.

if i'm in ireland, i need the rain.

i love being by the sea with rain around me.

or cuddled up, on the couch,

with the duvet wrapped around me.

so, in trying to find celebration on days, even like today.

i simply thought i'd visit ireland.

visually speaking of course.

and photos taken once upon a while ago.


susan said...

these are lovely dear.... it is raining and snowmonstering too here.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

first come to france...sending you spring in my friendship!
Though because it is winter there look at the beauty you created for us! A gift in every moment and season!

Andrea said...

You have a lovely eye, thanks for sharing your vision!