Thursday, April 27, 2006

wish you were here...

so yesterday starts off with an email from petra


remember what we talked about on sunday?

that we've got to get back to spending more time for ourselves

and with ourselves?

well, what do you think about a weekend in dublin?

check out ryan air.



i was tempted, i'll honestly admit.

and there's nothing more that i could enjoy right now

than a weekend away. just some time away.

but i told her right now just wasn't that good.

maybe we can just take a saturday,

pack a picnic, drive down to como

i'll bring the finest wine glasses

and we'll get ourselves a bottle of wine

sit down around the lake

and simply spend a lazy day...

but then yesterday

she writes back

and doesn't let easy.

so off i go to ryan air

asked her when she was thinking of going

and that was the moment i decided

was there really a way that i was going to say no?

baden baden to dublin on the 19th of may

dublin to baden baden on the 21st of may

for a grand total of 72 euro for the both of us.

now we just have one slight problem...

we've enquired at over 20 hotels and even hostels

and other than U2's clarence hotel

at a mere few hundred euro a night,

it doesn't really seem like there's anything we're going to find?

oh this is going to be fun.

let's see if my travel agent can pull me out of this one

and save the day.


we're going to dublin.

we're going to dublin.

we're going to dublin.

and i so forever love that city.


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Your lucky and it will work out...and if it doesn't you are still lucky and will have a wonderful time!! Tea cosy and crumpets cream biscuits honey and jam!

decor8 said...

Oh Angela that sounds wonderful. I've never been to Dublin, have a wonderful time!

If you need to find a place to stay, call our good friends Attila and Marie at Flugberater. They are lovely lovely lovely and very good friends of ours. Tell them you know Thorsten and Holly.


thestraightpoop said...

Ohhhhhh! So pleased for you, hon. I am so glad your week was amazing enough to let you know that you deserve good things, and that it's GOOD when you say "yes" to life!!!

cally said...

how wonderful, and Ireland has it's seasons earlier so it will be more like early summer when you visit.

Rrramone said...

I hope you have a wonderful time! I've never been there but one day I will. Thanks for visiting again! :-)

fraucowtown said...

Eeee! How wonderful that will be! Sometimes you just have to make the time... 'cause it just won't come on its own! Good for you! Enjoy!