Friday, April 21, 2006

some days are...

beautiful. simply beautiful.

and never cease to amaze me.

and today, just might very well be one of those days.

...up early. birds singing.

and i think a good night with pleasant dreams. cup in hand while taking pup outside.

...having the neighbour's kids come over for a few hours

helping out with work. accountant calling, and switching our meeting to next week

[oh relief! guess who wasn't finished with the 1st quarter year yet?]

...nicole calling. me reckoning, she was about to ask where the orders are,

but she had a huge lovely new order instead

[one or two of these a week, and things would be just perfectly fine]

...ellegirl [germany] writing to ask for the omondieu! press kit

[although they did just go bust in the states?]

...chats with someone that makes you smile

...a coffee at the bistro in offenburg with a friend.

perfect on a spring day.

...picking up fresh flowers and strawberries at the market

...eating the fresh strawberries.

...coming home and finding a tamara luv package on the steps. again.

a copy of the life & style magazine, featuring our misters & misses collection.

a cheque [always say yes to money!] for me to sign

the sweetest card with the sweetest words

the carla bruni cd, which i have no way of her knowing, that i wanted,

and i almost couldn't believe it when i saw

the julie cuff's that i had so been coveting.

tamara. me loves you. my sweetie.

...markus from designspotter reckoning we should exhibit the toyko blickfang together

[would be so brilliant, and no way i could swing it on my own]

we'll talk next week. once he knows more.

...undine writing an email to say that joy magazine [germany] wants the omondieu! press kit now too.

and i do think, this day will just carry on.

just being good. feeling good.

could one say... spring is in the air?


susan said...

WOAH girl. now this is a showstopper of a day....
as if! good good good.
so nice to hear this..

thestraightpoop said...

Me loves you too...and you deserve days such as this, and goodie packages, every single day.


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

I always feel spring when I think of you!!