Thursday, April 13, 2006


so. i guess it's official now.

i am a designspotter.

in the midsts of what was already a busy insane week,

markus, one of the masterminds behind designspotter

asked me if i would like to join the team

and become a designspotter myself.

i was absolutely flattered,

even if unsure of what the actual proposition was.

markus had asked me a few times in the past

if i didn't want to put omondieu! up on designspotter,

and i did...

but i guess i was being lazy or simply caught up with things.

or maybe, the first time that i had tried to work with the template

my photographs and me were simply having a fit.

and then he needed some help with a translation this week

and after that,

i got another hint hint and nudge nudge and poke poke

as a subtle reminder.

so i finally put my work up for submission

but i also sent him a few recommendations of designers and projects

that i too could very well see as designspotted [so to speak].

so when he asked, i reckoned as an unofficial designspotter

and it simply means that i introduce a few people to the project.

basically, the same thing i do anytime i run across something

that makes my heart beat all the faster.

but markus came back saying,

he'd like me to be in charge of the fashion department.

and obviously, he then had already captured more than just my intrigue.

so before i really knew it,

i had an official title...

and damn does that feel good.

of course,

you can find it here,

if you scroll down just a bit.

well markus. needless to say,

you made my day!

[the photo above is simply a treasure

found at a flea market

once upon a time ago.]

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susan said...

hooray! a great new find for designspotter! i love that place.