Tuesday, April 11, 2006


sometimes, the way we look at things,

is all about a perspective.

and that perspective can change everything.

so at the moment, i'm trying to look at some things differently,

things like interviews.

i can't explain why or when it started,

but interviews are something i dread.

i can enjoy the "spotlight" so to speak,

but sometimes there's this part of me

that simply enjoys being behind the scenes all the more.

at times i think that my photography much relates to that.

i like observing, seeing, showing things

from behind the lens.

there's magic in that. maybe there's even more intimacy in that.

you get to see things differently

in a way, that no one else can.

so interviews are always something i've been hesitant about.

again. no real explanation.

however i've often passed the oppurtunity in the past,

either simply, unsure of what i wanted or needed to say,

or because of time [true but always a great friend in excuse]

but the past week, it suddenly seems as though the interview gods

are out to get me.

and i've decided,

it's time to step out and look at these from a different perspective.

maybe simply see them, as conversation we have

with friends.

the way i would sit with a friend over coffee,

just telling her about my highs and my lows,

the things that make me feel happy

or the things that occupy my mind.

simply in the way that you share things with friends.

conversations. that's what they are.

but it's in the same way that i work with my camera as well.

i try to capture something.

visually, but "visually speaking" is a powerful language as well.

and so looking at that perspective,

it's the way that i "interview" people, life, and moments.

and as maybe small and trivial as it feels,

it's a big step for me.

almost like stepping over my own shadow.

and these interviews couldn't have come at a worse time,

so that makes it all the more challenge for me.

at the moment, there are so many things occupying me,

challenging me, and in some ways, almost frightening me.

and a week, that i'm not able to spend much time with work

and yet there's much that needs to be done.

hence once again, another late night shift with the computer

[and so why am i blogging and not really working?

i guess this is the conversation with my own self,

kind of like mentally preparing me for what i'm about to do]

the one interview is for a book.

something i've already declined in the past

and although it doesn't mean that my interview will be used

in this project or book,

i'm seeing the value in saying yes this time around.

the other interview is for a new "secret" project about to be launched

and i was honestly ever so flattered to be asked to be a part of this.

and the other interview is for the preparations of a great event

happening this weekend at artstream

and i so wish i could be there myself.

but maybe, by simply sharing thoughts and words,

this is one way of being able to be all the more apart of it.

so like in the photograph above.

i'm taking a different perspective

in the midsts of conversations amongst the girls,

i'm catching a bit of the reflection in the mirror myself.

[london photographs. and female conversations.


but sometimes the best talks take place in the ladies room]


Maya said...

I have a "little english" for understand all the text but I can say that i like your words.
And your photographies are very interesting. I like.

susan said...

i love this post angie! ahem. i think the bathroom is a wonderful place for girls to talk.
sometimes i think how it will be in a few short years in my own bathroom, there will be more quiet... and i am going to miss that...

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Angie I wish I could meet you in the ladies room, I'd sit on the toilet, you could be leaning at the sink..Susan she would be making red lipstick hearts on the mirror...interview, go on we are listening...

decor8 said...

I love the retro 1950s bathroom - the pink is very chic. What great photos.

Holly ;)

Andrea said...

Very interesting photo, is it part of a larger series?