Monday, June 05, 2006

time again.

it's been a while. writing these days hasn't been much.

things feel like they are changing. and in the same motion

standing still.

the past weeks?

been to dublin and had a wickedly lovely time.

with lots of stories to tell.

simple stories, those that put a smile on your face

upon looking back.

and never a dull moment when petra and i are out and about.

the following weekend, slipped away to basel.

just for the saturday evening, and sunday morning.

a quiet lovely weekend. sitting outside with brigitte,

wrapped up in blankies, talking until the wee wee hours of the morning.

this weekend.

has been a bit of work. a bit of play.

but nothing that i really had on the agenda.

hence, also being a holiday here in germany today as well.

friday night out for drinks with kim.

rather dangerously sweet when out with her.

too easy to be persuaded to order the next glass of wine.

however the talks, the laughs, the giggles, the gab

is always much too good with her.

nights with kim are always late.

and we actually tried to meet early on friday evening,

as not to let it become a late turn early morning again.

however the plan doesn't always work.

ended up running over to petra's as well around midnight,

as she was on her way to denmark for two weeks.

grabbed a quick coffee there,

talks and a cigarette until cathrin came to pick her up.

god, can't even tell you how i wanted to get myself in the car

and join them on the road trip.

the invitation was there and i was meant to go along,

however with the big bro coming in a couple of weeks

there really wasn't a chance.

saturday morning was a meeting at 11am

to discuss a wedding i'm to photograph in august.

i haven't gotten the assignment yet

but i do believe chances look good.

was nice just to get out, sit at the café

and sweeter when you run into friends

you haven't seen in a long long while.

back home, and took the long scenic drive back.

listening to kubb again and again.

i do believe it's a brilliant cd,

however other than track four,

and obsessive hit the repeat button,

there's not much i've really listened to other than "wicked soul"

i do believe, i've listened to track five once,

brilliant as well.

however it's that one song, that simply strikes a chord

and possibly every nerve at the moment.

finished off the photographs from steffi's wedding,

and was to be at her place for eight pm.

reckoned a coffee, view the photographs together,

and then leave them with her.

i had only met her the week before the wedding,

however, every now and then you meet people, yes, strangers,

and you know that there's a bond, or a chemistry.

i do believe that's a bit of what was between steffi and i.

fact confirmed when saturday night...

the assumed "hour" became a three thirty in the morning session.

a bottle of champagne later,

and a few cups of coffee to put me on my way.

a lovely sleep in on sunday,

and a bit of laziness. coffee in the afternoon with gwen,

getting the house all presentable as the new tentant was coming by

later in the evening.

decided it was time to work on a few photographs,

something that is needed for an interview coming up.

it's been so long since i've attempted "self portraits"

however with petra away, isabelle too,

there really wasn't anyone i could ask to help.

and andreas has often told me that he'd like to do a portrait session,

however i'll yet wait a spell with that.

so silly ideas, and taking the mirror off the wall,

driving out to my secret little spot,

out by the stream and the orchard trees.

they didn't turn out as i had hoped.

i suppose there are always issues,

with photographs of the self.

but these could very well,

be the last

of the photographs taken with an old and dear friend.

my nikon.

a new camera is on it's way. soon.

hello. and how are you and your beautiful life?


Anonymous said...

Angela! Those pictures look beautiful. The background looks so so lovely, where is it? And I think I have a brown skirt like yours!
I hope everything is good good good. You are so lucky to have gone to Ireland! I bet it was marvy.
love love

susan said...

what a charming set of photographs of you my dear!
i love the composition and the entire look of them.
but you know i am fond of your work!
i like the story here too... makes me want to get out and travel right this very moment!
ah soon .... see you soon!

angela said...

grace... so sweet to find you here!

sweet sweet!

ireland was lovely, yup. but i have to hear more about your trip to paris! i do believe, that's the next little get away i could tempt myself with again!

hope your day is sweet... and loves to you!



Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

...then I saw your face, now I'm a you know this song from the "monkeys"?!
I am so happy to SEE you, to know you, to see your generous heart! What a glorious photo, royalty in a garden and the flower close to your heart in blooming proof!

susanna's sketchbook said...

Late night chats with friends, glasses of wine, roadtrips to other countries - you know how to enjoy life! Love your outfit, too! It's so feminine.

fraucowtown said...

Your stories paint such vivid images for me! Your travels, your friends, walks with pup to secret parts of forests, wine & coffee! It's so peaceful to read! ...and your photos have such a mystical quality! Thanks for sharing!