Sunday, June 18, 2006

they are on their way. oh me. oh my.

yes, still sunday. and yes, still making my attempts of working

and getting things done.

that said, as the second cup of coffee has just been poured.

and that said, after the brother has just called.

they aren't on their way to paris after all,

rather on their way down here.

and all i can really say is oh me. oh my.

i didn't get many of the details yet.

but i did get a tease on the story.

sounds like my brother has already been best at being himself.

all i know is there's a large fine for him to pay.

and i'm wondering if i will really get the full story,

the full account of their yesterday evening.

they were in amsterdam, so i guess i can connect the dots.

is it time to fret yet?

i guess that means, i should maybe drop the work i'm doing,

of emails and resumes [another long story in itself]

and get back with the house,

and carry on with fleurs until the moment arrives later.

because they are on their way.

oh me. oh my.


susanna said...

Oh dear! Your brother sounds like a character! You'll certainly have interesting dinner conversations!

PS - As a regular visitor to Omondieu!, I'm feeling mighty spoiled. Three posts in such a short time. Yay!

thestraightpoop said...

Oh babe, what is going on? Haven't heard from you so I am sure there's plenty of activity - do tell!
Thinking of you and missing you.

susan said...

hey hey! did the MAKE it? do tell!