Friday, August 18, 2006

photo friday... friend

playing in colour, yet with the simplicity

of black and white.

while children playing in paint,

creating a world where it's good

to dare yourself to draw outside the lines.

and it's those days and moments,

that you almost learn more from children,


more than they could ever learn from us. as adults.

and meet julia and anna.

also known as friends.

and i remember watching these girls,

hoping that this friendship remains

with the same intimacy of shared secrets,

and dreams dared to be spoken out loud,

smiles and laughter understood.

a friendship that grows over the years,

holding memories like souveniers,

yet living with anticipation

of the journey ahead.

meet julia and anna.

friends. the best of friends.


jazznrhythm said...

Hey, das ist wirklich gut :-)

susan said...

beejutiful !!!!
more more more...