Monday, April 07, 2008

ireland. and a book of wishes.

postcards from the burren. ireland.
once. and a while ago.
a dear friend.
and pictures upon taking pictures.

there's actually a lot that i could be writing about.

maybe later. stories of the autobahn. saturday adventures.

but right now

these written words about a letter that arrived in the mail today.

"hi there...

so what did you write in your book of wishes this morning?

because on friday, june 6th, you are flying to ireland with me

and flying back home on monday, june 9th with me and the kids.

staying at jacinta's - all is arranged.

the friday flight is a late flight,

so you only need to take monday off of work.

flight is paid for.

so yes, we are going to ireland!!!

and wishes come true.

love, gwen."

and in the envelope, there was a plane ticket.

enough said. i think i'm speechless. still.

i'm going to bed.

and a grateful thankful heart i am,

asking what i've done

to have friends like this.


susanna said...

What a wonderful gift from a generous friend! It's obvious that she values your friendship. I hope you all have a fabulous time in Ireland!

madelyn said...

is there room is your suitcase
for me?

i mean seriously is there?



i am so HAPPY for you~ !!!

oh bring back lots of photos