Wednesday, April 14, 2010

songs of irish seas...

- songs of irish seas -
blackrock, ireland
february 2010

just a little quick hello.

it's early morning and there's a wonderful hush of quiet around me.

with only the sound of spring and her birds singing.

and it's moments like this,

that simply feel so very awake. and aware. and alive.

it's a wonderful sensation.

and it has been a long while since i've written,

but when i woke up this morning, i just had this urge,

or better said, this little voice that wanted to speak out.

and i'm wondering what i dreamt last night.

i honestly can't remember,

but i do know that i dreamt, and dreamt, and dreamt.

and now there's all these little urges,

these little voices and thoughts

that seem to have woken with those dreams.

i think they were good dreams.

or maybe there's just something in the air today.

something good in the air today.

and i just wrote things down on a piece of paper beside me.

a bit of a "to do" list of things

which is usually what i do in the morning with my cup of coffee.

those little habits and rituals we have.

but today i decided, this list is going to be a bit different.

i guess in a sense, i want to break a habit,

or make an exception. or just leap over my own little shadow.

and simply see what happens when you do things differently

than you normally do.

but that's all for now.

early morning thoughts.

and walking out into a new and wonderful day.