Saturday, December 08, 2007

she walks on september seas...

petra. walking upon beaches and shores.

of ireland.

and i love this photo. because each and every time

its though i can smell the rain, feel the wind,

remember our silence and beautiful talks

but i think all we did was dream...

yes. although it is december.

i don't feel like i've arrived here yet. this time of the year.

i feel like i'm a few steps behind. time. september.

where has it all gone?

anyhow. saturday morning and many a thought

dancing and wandering thru the mind.

drinking a cup of coffee

[and wearing a new shirt that says "kafitante"

translated from swiss to german as kaffeetante

and what would that be in english?

ms. coffee? coffee aunt? i haven't a clue.

anyhow, a gift that i got from susanne yesterday

and i can't tell you how it made my day.

just the little things and unexpected surprises like that.]

i read thru a few blogs that i haven't read in a long while.

finding inspiration. being reminded.

but for now, i'm going to keep this short and sweet.

heading out to run a few errands. go into the office for a few hours.

and when i come back in the later of the afternoon,

lenny pup is going to be here with me. for the weekend.

and maybe. i'll come back later to write.

find a few words. share a few words.

or simply say hello.


Maddie said...

Oh! What a poetic way to
post and inspire
lightness of being and
fullness of heart!

Have a beautiful day:)

susanna said...

It was so nice to hear from you this morning, Angela. I've been missing your posts. And I see that Maddie has found you, too. I think you both may be kindred spirits...the way that you both write, what you think about...

This photograph is gorgeous. Did you take it? It looks like something straight out of a magazine...or a serene.

I know what you mean about not quite being in the Christmas spirit...we're almost finished picking up or making our presents but we haven't decorate yet. I may have to put on some holiday music to get myself in the frame of mind to hang up the tinsel and trim this year. Ah well...I've discovered the holiday joy of Starbucks's peppermint mochas and that's enough to have me happily singing a jingle! I hope that you have a wonderful time over the holidays, Angela. You know, I just know that you and I will meet in person one day. I hope that happens!

susan said...

welcome home!
there seems so much to tell... enjoy lenny bo benny tonight/ soon...xoxoxo s
pppst...the card was heavenly!thank you!!!!