Tuesday, September 13, 2005

new york. new york.

smile on the face. again.

another bouquet of flowers and omondieu! will be off and finding their way to new york.

and i can't tell you how much of me, is wishing i was bringing that package there myself.

and whenever i know my designs are going to new york, this giddy, girly, hugely silly grin covers my face and the heart starts beating just a bit faster. i feel proud and in the midsts and masses of amazing people, doing amazing things, i feel like i'm leaving my own little thumbprint of "here i am" behind.

rena's new boutique is going to be lusciously gorgeous. i so wish i could be there for the opening.

new york. why are you so so far away?

night. night.

off to dream for a few hours.

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