Sunday, September 11, 2005

rainy. grey. autumn. sunday.

rainy. grey. autumn. sunday.

but i'm loving and adoring her. i'm enjoying another cup of coffee, waiting just a moment longer before throwing on some "i can walk into the world like this" decent clothing, grabbing my hat and heading out for a walk with the pup. yes, i like walking in rain. and without an umbrella.

just doing some cleansing of my bookmarks and files. kind of like a computer feng shui i suppose. i've often wondered if i have the world's largest bookmark collection? it's a lot like my stacks and piles of paper in the office. however i swear and i promise, an orderly "creative" chaos. and research. these piles are simply research. again, one of the projects i've been working on in spurts and stages. the purging in life. yes, i believe. there is a time when less is more.

and right now, i'm just looking at so many of the books on my want to have list. these are the books that i see in my house by the sea. one day. so yes, please confirm the fact that as much as a realist i am, as much a day dreamer i am. that's the sagittarius in me. feet on the ground, shooting for the stars.

this is the one i am particularily coveting right now.

Robert Doisneau - A Photographer's Life.
he fascinates me. the way he saw life, and captured life. mysterious and honest. secrets within secrets. and that, is what photography to me is about. discovering secrets, sharing secrets, but keeping them secrets. and he makes me dream of paris, or wishing we could step back in time, just for a day, with a camera. life just seemed to have that much more innocence back then.
and here we are now.
rainy. grey. autumn. sunday.

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