Wednesday, November 01, 2006

opening new doors.

made a phone call yesterday

regarding an apartment in offenburg.

four rooms in an old house.

although i fear it's not the art nouveau style i'm hoping for.

first floor and two balconies.

of all the phone calls i made yesterday,

this call left the best gut instinct with me.

the gentleman sounded friendly, polite.

no frills or fuss.

and today he called saying he would be in offenburg

and if i like, i can come to view the apartment.

i have my fingers crossed.

offenburg is just down the road from here,

so that still means one hundred kilometers to work

one way.

there's yet another apartment i want to view

however i have to send a letter to a cipher number

to meet the selection.

that one would be in baden-baden

that would be exactly half the distance i travel now

so close enough to work

and still close enough to here

where my friends and hence family are.

i've manifested my list of what i want my new home to be.

and that's what i'm hoping for

is simply to walk into doors

and know this is what i've been looking for

waiting for.

i have my fingers and my heart crossed.


susanna said...

Good luck, Angela! I hope that you find your perfect new home!

Detail said...

I am imagining an empty space in wood painted in all the tones of white.

angela said...


yes... it's space i'm looking for. and white rooms. i need light these days.

after all these years, you still know me.


Marion said...

i have my fingers crossed for you, too! i want to write you forever...miss you...

Detail said...

I'd be surprised of the contrary.

angela said...

and so would i...

that was always a part of your magical spell in this friendship we have.

seeing things or putting things into a perspective. of me.

thank you stefano. just for that.

susanna said...

How goes the househunting, Angela? Have you found your new home? I've been missing your posts! Hope everything is well with you.

Detail said...



angela said...

susanna my dear...

i promise, i'll be back soon. with words, thoughts, and a letter to you too.

house hunting is definitely not going the way i want. have seen some lovely places. but each one is just not right, not quite.

i think i just need to walk in and simply know... this is it. this is home.

and i hope that day comes soon.



angela said...


that's exactly what i mean.

just like that. and just for that.

for always understanding.