Sunday, November 26, 2006

sunday eclipses...

there's much i want to say. to share.

but it's hard finding the words

as i'm trying to place them in a language

spoken between the mind. and the heart.

seeking translations. and understandings.

bitter and sweet it is.

words that dance in the mind?

hope. doubt.

and hope again.

love. passion. yearning. missing.

desire. hurt. confusion. clarity.

spoken. unspoken.

fragile. strong. enduring.

waiting. patience. impatience.

and i need the word hope again.

which words speak your language today?

and in the midsts of all of this,

just a few eclipses of sunday

and of isabelle and i.

simply being the girls, the dear friends we are.


susan said...

you two look grand. ... here's reading between the lines that things are well with you both and that other things are moving along well too... this week ... PHONE!

susanna said... both look fabulous! Girlfriends really do help us get through the more difficult times, don't they? I'm sending you lots of positive thoughts today, Angela. Hang in there!

thestraightpoop said...

Oh you beautiful sweet girls! Enjoy your times together, the good times in life are all too fleeting...

Marion said...

happy, happy birthday!!!!
all the best and lots of love for the coming year!