Sunday, December 31, 2006

love. simpy love.

i can't believe that another year has come.

and gone.

today, i need to take time to sit down with a quiet moment,

reflect on what the past year has been. what it has brought.

but also on my wishes for the new year.

not so much resolutions. but wishes. hopes. dreams.

and just drinking sunday morning coffee,

i stumbled across these words. a quote.

from mother teresa.

and i think it says it all. beautifully. and honestly.

i have found the paradox,

that if you love until it hurts,

there can be no more hurt,

only more love.

- mother teresa -

and maybe that's one of my wishes for the new year.

love. simply love.

[photograph found once upon a time

at a flea market.

a moment in a strangers life.

forgotten and found again.]


susan said...

simply beautiful ang, simply you.
happiest of everything in the new new year to you!

ward said...

Angela Gwinner? it's been a very long time, you might not remember me from way back in Kenelworth school. It's Ward Parker, I think we shared home room together a couple of years. Anyways I was surfing through some internet sites on photography (something I'm into) and came across some cool black and whites (from paris I think) when I saw the name of the photographer it through me for a loop! Nice work! The site had an e-mail link so I just thought I'd write and say hi. I don't see anybody from that era anymore so it's refreshing to bump into someone from then. I'm living in B.C. now and work in the music industry. So I just thought I'd see how things are with you and compliment you on your photos. (I hope this is you or i've just filled a stranger in on my life, hehe). Hope to hear from you, happy newyear! take care, Ward

Anonymous said...

here's my e-mail

susanna said...

Yes, I think Mother Theresa was right. It always seems to hurt the most when the people or person we love the most hurts us or leaves us or dies... I found that when my father died. Such pain but then, maybe that was the equal measure of the love I felt for him. Sounds depressing but it's not meant to be. I wish for you more love in the New Year, too, Angela.

cally said...

lovely photograph, wonderful words.
Happy New Year to you.

susan said...

please phone.
stuff is ready to send.

Boho Girl said...

thank you for you lovely comment on my blog.

i just want you to know that i think you are gorgeous and have the most unique and exquisite style.

i loved this quote here. and, simply love is so much of what we need.

take gentle care of you...

denise (boho)

susanna said...

Hey there, just wanting you to know that I've been missing Omondieu. Hope everything is well with you. :)