Sunday, February 11, 2007

february sundays.

question of the day...

is it really already february?

i keep asking myself these days, where time has gone.

and it feels, like i've been asking myself this question

over days. weeks. months.

in one sense, so much has happened.

and yet, it almost feels as though so much is standing still.

pivoting. rotating. turning. yet standing still.

this is one of the first weekends since december

that i have taken off.

a few weekends ago, i found my way to starnberg

to visit with friends.

the weekend after that, i was at the trade fair in munich.

work has been keeping me busy. maybe more than busy.

leaving the house at around seven in the morning

not getting back until maybe nine or ten in the evening.

and occassionally detouring on the way home

to grab a coffee or a glass of wine with a friend

and simply enjoy the good and the sweet moments in life.

and with all the hustle and bustle of the job,

i'm so forever enjoying it.

seeing how things are unfolding, falling into place.

the cataloge is finished and the first responses from the fair

were all that we had hoped for.

now it's just putting all the other things together,

finishing off the data banks,

the pps system,

bringing the orders on home,

and starting with the next cataloge. already. again.

and i'm filling myself with visions.

of all that this can become and all the things it can lead to.

not just with the new company,

but i find it inspiring and rejuvenating omondieu! as well.

it's just a matter of the time, organisation, endurance, determination

to bring all the ideas together.

but what makes it so much easier,

is having a boss that also sees the visions,

lives and feels the visions.

it's like a mutual language is spoken.

and then, also the team that is a part of this.

smiles, because this is the team behind the project in these photos.

we took these in december

and i've been meaning to post them for a while.

i guess that simply goes to show how far behind on

how much of things in life i am.

i do miss the days that i can simply spend with a cup of coffee,

catch up on blogs,

take the pup out for an afternoon walk,

or head out with the camera and photograph.

but yet, my days at the moment bring other rewards with themselves.

and for that i am thankful.

other new things in life?

the ultimate surprise as my boss came up to me on a monday morning

saying he saw a car and it the first thought that came to mind,

was that it was the perfect colour for our company colours,

and he immediately saw me sitting in the car.

i didn't honestly think that we were ready to contemplate a company car for me

and i considered it just an idea that would disappear as quickly as it arrived.

but the next day, he called me down to the garage,

i hadn't connected the dots as i headed down the steps,

and all the more surprise when i saw a golden mini cooper standing there

and a smile on his face.

we took her for a test drive and i still thought okay, it's just a contemplation.

and patience is always a virtue [reminder to the self]

i had a meeting afterwards and when i came back,

he smiled again, looked at me and said he bought the car.

and the joke these days,

is that we chose the car, to match my phone

of course, once i saw the new dolce & gabbana motorola,

i was in love. and had to have it.

and that was already the joke,

because my boss had already bought the golden baroque chair

because it was also a reflection of my style, of the company

and yes, our colours.

of warm golds.

so the long drive to work at the moment is simply all the more fun,

i play with the navigation system and take myself to far away places

on the drive to work in the morning.

either 65, rue de charonne

that would take me to my favourite café in paris

the tribeca.

or i dream myself away do lago di como.

where would you like to go today?

and this week, i finally said yes to a new apartment.

it's so different than i had imagined it to be.

but there was something about it that simply felt like home.

so the next weeks will be busy with not just work,

but also packing boxes, more purging, looking for furniture

and simply getting ready to move.

hello baden-baden...

here i come.

it's a most charming house.

about a hundred years old.

the landlady has just completed renovated the house,

but there are so many little details, accents

that keep make this house something special.

all the astrological signs are painted and engraved on the ceiling

of the hallway of the house.

the garden that is absolutely huge.

and although in a part of the city, that i normally would never have

thought of moving to,

because it's one apartment block after the other,

the trees in the garden are like a secret wall,

and sitting under the most beautiful balcony, that's all you see.

and then the church is close by,

and one of the things i love most about being here in germany,

are hearing the church bells when they ring and welcome each hour.

and that's what i think i'm going to do today.

sunday. and maybe pack the one or other box.

do more purging.

and maybe drive out to the apartment

sit in her empty walls and simply start envisioning

how things will be.

i'll be starting new with this apartment

so from the couch to the kitchen table,

these are all the things i'll be needing to find.

and there isn't much time to wander from store to store

and i reckon, i'll simply have to take my time

looking for the perfect this and the perfect that.

oh, trying to remind myself again

that yes, patience is a virtue.

damn, that's a hard thing to do.

but i simply guess, that for all the change that has been in life,

there's simply more change to follow.

and it's always the one step that leads to the next.

maybe it's just time to walk forward

with open arms

and embrace all that is yet unknown,

and all that is to come.

and i make a wish.


susanna said...

I am sooooo happy for you, Angela! You've landed a dream job! Your boss bought you a golden mini cooper?? Gasp! I think he is MY dream boss! Hee! Really, Angela, I am glad that all these wonderful people (great boss, terrific coworkers) and beautiful things (car, phone, chair and all)are finding their way to you. Congratulations!

susan said...

everything looks so wonderful angela... these photos are grand and well, the apt. and church bells and i can just see it! can not wait to REALLY see it!
how can i express how happy i am for you?