Monday, February 19, 2007

all things are good.

photo for omondieu! by helena kvarnström

closing off the day.

feeling accomplished. and not so accomplished.

didn't get home from work

and then from a meeting with my landlady

until about nine thirty this evening.

i had initially planned on finishing off things for galit

but i also needed to prep some things

that need to find their way to munich with me

later on this week.

i had a sweet order that i took care of after i checked emails

i love it when i can send the fleurs on their journeys

and that's one of the things i've been doing this year,

is making a map of all the places that the fleurs

find their way to.

it feels like planting seeds of magic.

and i just want to watch this garden grow.

but at times, and especially these times,

it's frustrating.

simply because the ideas, the inspirations surround me,

but it's the time that just feels like the battle at the moment.


i managed to fill another garbage bag of things.

and it still doesn't feel like there's a difference to be seen.

i'm trying to be more and more consequent

in what i keep. in what i let go of.

and sometimes i think that this materialistic purging,

is a symbol for an emotional purging.

kind of like an emotional feng shui of sorts.

what i really need is a week at home

just to organise things, sort thru corners.

finally get things up on ebay.

get things filed. of course while enjoying a cup of coffee.

then i need about two or three saturdays of flea markets.

and then a week, just to focus on the office and piles of paperwork.

and more than anything

i need a week off. of nothing.

but i'm saving that until i'm in the new place.

and then of course. a holiday. travel.

where would i go today?

i'd like to think of bretagne. or the tuscany.

maybe a week of greece.

i honestly can't say.

and i know, that i really need a visit home too.

with mom and dad.

but that reminds me of something

that put a smile on my face today.

reading dana's email

and her plans of coming over for a week

in april.

and i'm also looking forward to amsterdam

at the end of march.

even if just a weekend. and a bit of work.

but god it's a beautiful city.

and susan. yes, there'll be photos. i promise.

cross my heart [but hope not to die]

but right now

i think that sleep and bed should be my contemplation.

a glass of red wine beside me

and the hope and promise of energy for tomorrow.

there's a meeting that's going to be draining tomorrow

and i feel like we're behind on everything at work

yet it's going good. the response. the energy it creates.

but the "to do list" is a damn big one.

then back to the apartment again,

hopefully with a few things

that i'll load into the car in the morning.

it won't be much. but simply a few small things.

and then it'll be late again once i'm home

but tomorrow's priority is galit

and then packing

and prepping the rest of omondieu!

i just keep reminding myself

all will be good.

and all is good.

good night.


susan said...

yea! new photos! amsterdam is perfect. i have to dig up one we did there which was a stunner.
awh, have fun in munich. kiss the lenbachhaus for me. i adore that place. it makes me cry when i see those paintings.
and have fun fun fun. somehow?

susanna said...

All WILL be good! It sounds like you are living a whirlwind life right now - a glamorous life, too! I vote that you come visit me in the U.S. and we'll walk through New York City together!