Sunday, February 11, 2007


and just a few random photos...
of the past weeks.
snapshots. here and there.
the walls and space that are soon to be my new home.
the kitchen. the dining room.
but it'll be a bit of my office room as well. i think.
i see the kitchen table.
and can see myself working there as well.
there's comfort and serentity sitting around
kitchen tables.

the living room.
with an old tiled stove.
we reckon this one is over a hundred years old as well.
the dining room again.

i love the way the light falls in thru the windows.

and outside, a cherry tree.

spring promises to be something beautiful.

and in bloom.

i believe this is what made me fall in love with the apartment

the balcony.

imagining sitting outside on summer evenings.

even on rainy days.

quiet. a glass of wine.

conversation with friends. or even just silence.

sabine and me in m√ľnchen.

at the hotel.

after a long day.

isabelle and micha

just as we were getting ready to head out

ended up being a perfect evening.

showing off omondieu!


and then coming home and sitting around the fire

outside. on a january evening.

isabelle and me

and yes, just about to head out the door.

caro and the kids.

the weekend in starnberg.

friends. and a most wonderfully beautiful family.


thestraightpoop said...

Oh love!! This is the most amazingly perfect Angela home, for this next phase in your life. When do you move in?! Send your new address, please!! Hope to see it this summer/fall. Love you. SO happy for you, and proud of you. The chair, the phone, the car...merely follow in your footsteps. YOU are the golden one.

susanna said...

Ohhhh...what a beautiful apartment, Angela! That's a cool ceiling you have in there. It looks quite modern. And I LOVE that balconey. Wow! What a perfect place to sit with a good friend and a bottle of red wine on a warm summer evening. Sigh...wish we lived in the same city so I could come knocking on your door then! :)

susan said...

ok, more than perfect. it's PERFECT! and as ms. poop says, you are the golden one... honestly. you deserve every drop coming your way and it is all falling into place with your hard work. loves to you!

Anonymous said...


May I visit?