Wednesday, February 21, 2007


is it wednesday? already? again?

feeling really tired tonight.

and in more than one way.

between work. the move.

everything is just a bit overwhelming at the moment.

good. but overwhelming.

and i think i'm going to find my way to bed.

i managed to pack for munich

and we won't be leaving as early as hoped

so that means a couple of hours in the office first

and able to take care of a few more things.

it promises to be another long day,

and i really do believe i'll be so happy

when we're back at the hotel

having dinner. relaxing. and hopefully a glass of wine.

i still have to call caro. and ruth.

and of course hope to meet with andrea.

as well as the galerie.

the days and the evenings will fly by.

and then next week,

i hope and i reckon there'll be lots in the office

and then having to get things in place with the move.

financially. technically. physically.

and i believe emotionally as well.

and it's days like this,

when everything really is so overwhelming

and we just don't know how we're going to get it all done

but there's magic in that

because somehow

we always do manage.

anyhow. this is me. saying good night wednesday.


thestraightpoop said...

Good night, sweetheart. Remember to send your new address as soon as it's valid and you're there. Love you. Have fun! Be safe!

susan said...

yes angie, me too! we were out to boston for two days - just in and now i am missing you again!

susanna said...

Good luck in Munich, Angela! I hope that your days will be shorter than expected and that you DO find yourself relaxing in a comfy armchair, with a glass of wine in your hand.

thestraightpoop said...

More! More! We want posts, that is...Missing you!