Sunday, March 04, 2007

sunday are simply beautifully wonderful days.

i wrote myself a to do list for the weekend.

i can't say that i got most of it done

however, there's still the sense of accomplishment.

small steps forward.

a few boxes are packed

and endless bags that have found their way to the garbage

or to the red cross donation bins.

i'm trying to be consequent in what i take,

what i leave behind.

and what i let go.

and today was something glorious

in its own way.

from the first step i took outside this morning with pup

you could feel that spring was in the air.

early morning sun that felt warm on the skin already.

i just grabbed a cup of coffee and we simply walked down the path.

i was trying to put mind over matter with the heart

in particular chapters of life.

so it almost felt like there was a constant companion

on the mind.

at home, starting to work on a corner here

and then a corner there.

can't really say organisation was the name of the game.

i managed to get one box packed.

just of little things. precious things.

angels and teacup little things.

and then i called simone,

reckoning it's too beautiful of a day

not to go for coffee and simply sit outside at the bistro.

so we did.

and then we came back

and started painting the old beds i bought last summer.

they had been dismantled in the garage since then.

at first i was doubting

if it was going to work out as i had hoped to imagine.

but as soon as we had the first coat of paint up

things were taking form.

petra came by as well,

and then it was the three of us.

the beds and a small table for the bathroom

were the accomplishments of our afternoon.

the bed will need a third coat

and then i have to find the angel mouldings that i want

for each of the headboards of the bed.

but the sweet discovery of the day

was find the engravement of the year

in which the bed was built.

in 1889.

and that made me smile

because it's exactly one hundred years

before i found my way to germany

in 1989.

and i can't believe it's been that long already.

other things that made me smile today?

seeing my first butterfly of spring

watching the pup snooze in the sun

having the girls simply being there for me

hearing from the one that is the matters of the heart

driving with the sun roof open for the first time in the mini

knowing i have the day off tomorrow...

sometimes. sundays are simply beautifully wonderful days.


susanna said...

Ahhhhh...what an uplifting, relaxing day you had, Angela! We had one day of Spring in my part of the world, too. Blue skies and warm weather does wonders for the spirits. 1889 - what a find you found in those beds! I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of your finished apartment. Bet it will look absolutely lovely.

thestraightpoop said...

God I can't wait to see the pics of your new place! And LOOK AT YOU! Ohhhh you look GOOOOOOD! Honey, so proud of you.

susan said...

i'm with tam, honey this is all so healing, good and man with it -20F out here tonight, those sunny photos make me feel a little warmer!
how nice for you! it's all gooooooood!
and yeah, you are looking GOOD!

cally said...

I'm catching up here, and it seems you've been busy. I hope it's all going smoothly re. the new place. What fun, hard work I imagine, but so satisfying.

Boho Girl said...

mmmm...these beds are simply divine!

sounds like a beautiful day with your kindred spirits.