Tuesday, February 13, 2007

saying good night.

just back from frankfurt. and the ambiente trade fair.
spent the day there with my boss' wife, whom i absolutely adore.
we ended up taking the train from karlsruhe to frankfurt,
so once we arrived back,
we reckoned a bit of shopping could be added to the agenda.
and at the moment. i should be buying and looking for furniture and things,
rather than a new outfit to wear at the inhorgenta trade fair next week.
but we all know what happens, when birds of a feather flock together.
temptation got the better of me.
we finished off the evening with some sushi
and then some blooming teas.
i had wild lover. said to be the pisces tea.
she had oriental beauty. said to be the libra's tea.
finding "my cup of tea" and their zodiacbloom! however,
i should have been drinking the angel of lotus.
and she the charming lover.
sagittarius and capricorn respectively.
and i've absolutely fallen in love with these.
so beautiful to watch the tea steep and literally blossom
in a glass teapot.
i think it could become my evening ritual.
simply watching it bloom. come to life.
and even omondieu! had it's sweet moments today.
i had a phone call from munich,
so i'm to bring a few things along with me.
an array of shirts and fleurs.
there are so many ideas and inspirations in my mind these days.
it's just battling the time to keep up with them.
there's a bit of a vision i gave myself this year,
the dreamer i am. the realist i am.
true to the sagittarian i am.
but i just want to spread a bit more of the magic. and this vision.
andrea and i applied for the modepalast in vienna last night.
an expo event that i think could be interesting for omondieu!
but also the perfect excuse, to finally visit vienna.
and have a fabulous long weekend. of work and play.
fingers crossed that we get accepted thru the jury.
elisabeth has already applied. so fingers crossed for her as well.
but it is time. it's always time.
and i know i'll find the way to create the time.
anyhow. tomorrow promises to be a long day at the office.
a phone call with galit in the evening,
as we weave our way thru more and more ideas as well.
and plans for getting myself to amsterdam in march
to fulfill these ideas.
march is already promising, to be a month of madness.
good madness.
so i better get myself to bed. to sleep. to sweet dreams.
and simply say good night to today.

[photo taken in paris. in october.
and i find myself thinking of him.
and yes. missing him.]

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susan said...

oh angie, so much change (so good too!) and so much everything.
the rest will come. ijustknowit.
lovely photos. more on the way?
how bout some EVERY day beauty?
please? new ones? please?