Tuesday, August 05, 2008

picture this...

picture this...

even without a photograph filled with colour

or the simplicity of black and white,

rather simply with thought.

because isn't it so...

that what we see deep down within,

with our heart and with our mind,

are the pictures we bring to life?

the pictures we create?

and then learn to share?

it's early morning

and i'm slowly getting ready to find my way to work.

i'm sitting here with my cup of coffee,

pen and paper in hand

and manifesting my day.

writing lists and filling my book with thoughts

as though writing these words on my heart.

little reminders of what i want and need to do with the day

but also reminders and thoughts of what i want to do with life.

these are the quiet moments i like.

the morning brings a quiet peace with itself

and it feels like a new page, a blank page

in this wonderous thing we call our "book of life".

and the day stands before us,

like a litte mystery that wants to unfold.

and we get to write the lines,

one by one by one by one.

so today,

i want to watch a glorious day unfold.

i want to write powerful and beautiful words in my day,

i want to write a chapter that has its continuations,

but that leaves the last sentence of the day

with a smile on the face

and an open door.

waiting with passion and curiousity

for the next chapter of tomorrow to unfold.

and what words are written on your heart today?


susanna said...

Sounds like you had a peaceful, thoughtful morning, Angela. Yes, what we see deep in our hearts and then bring out into the world, into reality, can be the most beautiful ones.

What are some of those wishes of yours, Angela? Can you share?

What words are written on my heart today? That I need to create more. I've been lucky in that I've been riding a wave of creativity for several months now. I write that with gratitude because I also know what it's like to hit a wall where I'm not inspired to create anything. This is a much healthier, better place to be. So I want to create more and more and more!

mansuetude said...

i love this.
love the discussion about the photo, too. the words are power.

On my heart? I am already peace; all that was promised IS... a doggy wants my attention right now, and that is on my heart exactly now as i type. Peace.