Friday, July 25, 2008

this summer night's whisper...

a sneak preview
from last night's session
with the girls and the new omondieu! shirts.
my thanks go out to wolfgang.
for taking the photos. and putting up with us
and our beautiful silliness.
and thank you to the girls,
for putting up with me.

i'm tired tonight.

and sitting back quietly after a long week.

diana krall is singing a song or two,

and i have a glass of rosé beside me.

with a bouquet of the most beautiful lavender on the table too.

candles are lit and softly dancing

with the breeze thru an open window.

and that's what i think i'm going to do.

sit outside

listen to this summer night's whisper

as she says...

star light, star bright

first star i see tonight...

wish i may, wish i might

have this wish I wish tonight.


susan said...

so so so good to talk with you and make plans. AND THESE shots are wonderful! lovely!
lucky you to work with such pretty women!
(and obviously they are the most lucky to have you!)
see you in a week! wheeee!!!!!

susanna said...

There we go! A perfect Omondeiu! night! I've been missing those nights. :) And I'm yearning for a glass of red wine and dark chocolate tonight...and maybe I'll put on a candle or drink a glass outside my balcony, too. Sounds perfect!

These shirts are wonderful, Angela! What does the German one translate to in English?

PS: Yes, one day I'll make it across the pond to visit you...and maybe bring some shoofly pie with me...although maybe something a bit more Canadian instead, eh? Butter tarts? Apple pie made with maple syrup?