Saturday, July 12, 2008

only the deepest secrets...

"O no, she said,
you can't say just anything to the wind.
Only the deepest secrets will do
and also you must not use the letter i."

as long as i can remember over years,

brian andreas has been a constant companion of smiles,

precious thoughts and inspirations.

it's the simple and yet playful way he sees and translates life

it's the words that are written between the lines

that can say so much more in their innocence and silence.

and sometimes they are just so brutally beautifully honest.

whenever i go home for a visit,

i search and look for little bits and pieces of story people to bring back.

i have his cards that i keep for myself.

i have his cards that i know need and want to be shared.

and every now and then,

when i need a simple reminder of life and little moments,

i pull out a book from my shelf

and open a random page to read.

and usually the words that fall onto my lap

are just the words i need to feel.

and today.

these were the story people words that found me.

ps. while i was in frankfurt at the decorate life: fair,

i had the pleasure of meeting yogi.

who's part of the team bringing story people and brian's magic to europe.

it was a wonderful conversation and encounter.

and we mulled over ideas,

shared our own little story people stories.

yes. let the magic begin.


susanna said...

You are back! Hooray! I've been missing your posts.

I had never heard of Brian's story people before. Thank you for the link.

PS: I hear that Susan will be meeting you in Germany later this summer. Have fun together!

maddie said...

what a lovely and magically
delightful little video ~

i am so thrilled you are posting
~ i always feel like curling up
with a glass of wine with you
when i visit:)