Monday, December 15, 2008

home sweet home.

heart. beats.
snow. snow. snow.

well. that's it now.

in about an hour

there'll be a taxi

taking me to a train station

that'll be taking me to the aeroport.

there's always this sensation about leaving.

about travelling. setting on a journey.

and i can't find the words for it right now.

but it's there. this sensation.

my suitcase is already downstairs.

just a few things that still need to be packed.

i'm still sitting here with a cup of coffee

and pyjamie bottoms.

and it's very early morning.

four o'clock early morning.

and it feels like the whole world is fast asleep

with just the hush of quiet around me.

mom's already warned me that it's cold.

and i think over the years i've forgotten

what minus twenty five degrees of cold can be.

i suppose it's time to remember again.

but i can't wait to see the snow.

to see the city with all her christmas lights.

to sleep in my old bed. in my old room.

or just to hear the way

mom putters thru the house

doing her thing.

or dad sits at the kitchen table with the paper

humming along to a song.

and it's when you hear those sounds,

that's when you know you're home.

home sweet home.


ModernGear TV said...

Happy holidays, my friend! Enjoy the family. K's Dad is coming here and will try, I am sure, to convince us to go to Mexico or something fun like that. We shall see. It's pouring rain and the tv has updates of STORM WATCH but it's not as cold as you'll be experiencing!

Have fun...hope to hear from you from there.

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays, my friend.

And may Peace and Love be with you


and forever.


susanna said...

Have a wonderful time back in Canada, Angela! I'm looking forward to reading about your Cdn adventures.

maddie said...

happy new year beautiful girl:)


susan said...
too cute angie.... will mail you later today.. all with the flu here, except me!