Saturday, December 06, 2008

of smiles and laughter. and paper hearts...

a saturday.
of cutting paper hearts.
and playing with a camera.
of drinking much too much coffee.
and girls at work are girls at play.
these are the katrin sessions.

katrin came over today.

one of my sweetest dear girls at the office.

and we were on a bit of a mission.

the both of us. the camera. and a bit of omondieu!

i don't know how many photographs we took.

a hundred wouldn't nearly say enough.

but going thru them tonight

put back the smiles and the laughs that we had all day.

it felt so good to be with the camera again.

sometimes i had felt as though i had lost a bit of the vision,

and lost a bit of the language.

yes, i believe we speak a language with what we see,

with what we capture and what we share.

a language that is spoken quietly. and needs no words.

but the photo session last weekend

and then the session today,

it all felt familiar. like an old friend.

that came to embrace you again.

granted, the camera didn't always do what i wanted it to do,

and a grey december day

didn't leave me with the light i wanted neither.

but there were so many laughs. and so many smiles.

and yes. coffee. coffee. and more coffee.

i'm happy with these photographs.

these photographs of today.

and i think the whole day was about laughter.

it was about good things. sweet things.

it was about women. and it was about friends.

it was about the photographs and the talks with katrin.

and in the midsts of that,

a phone call from the salon

giving me a list of the shirts they sold

and of shirts that need to be ordered.

and i don't think i need to say,

that phone call left me with yet another smile.

there were freshly baked cookies placed on the doorstep,

(for which i'm trying my hardest not to eat all at once.)

and then there was isabelle coming over for dinner.

we drove into town to go to le bistro

because we wanted mussels, mussels, mussels.

and a good glass of wine.

isabelle and i both reckoned,

life must be a wonderful thing,

when the most difficult decision of the moment,

is deciding whether it's a chardonnay or a grauer burgunder.

needless to say, the grauer burgunder it was.

but even dinner was full of smiles and laughs.

we had talks of the heart

and those things that matter most,

but we also laughed and laughed and laughed.

so many little stories and incidences

that simply made us laugh.

(and there goes isabelle's dress... once again.)

and i honestly can't remember the last time

i laughed and smiled as much as i did today.

after dinner, we simply went for a walk

thru the christmas market.

a magical thing. and a beautiful thing.

the smells. of spices. and chocolate. and roasting chestnuts.

the people. the christmas lights. and the merry go round.

at first we thought we'd warm ourselves up with a cup of mulled wine,

but then we thought we'd do things our way,

and a glass of champagne it was.

and afterwards we came back home.

to put on a pot of tea,

of chamomile and rose and lavender.

we lit the fire and curled ourselves up on the couch

talking. talking. simply talking

until once again it was late at night.

and that makes me realise again,

how thankful and grateful i am

for my girls. my dear and wonderful girls.

and with even the distance

and the road between us since i moved away,

they still always manage to find their way.

and now i just wanted to go thru some of the photographs,

and reflect on the day. and share upon the day.

as i say good night to this day.

a saturday.

of smiles and laughter.

and cutting paper hearts.



oh, these images are aweseom. i missed seeing photos you've taken...

Michele Gravatte said...

lovely as always!

susan said...

sounds so pretty, looks so pretty! so glad to hear that your photos are coming along.... more more more!
i love these shirts too. i think we need one here. just to perk up my spirits!
we had a major ice storm - lost power, water in the basement. ARGH. kitchen in repairs, but keeping said chin up.
hope this finds you still smiling!

susanna said...

A perfect, perfect day, Angela, and your portraits are beautiful. Your friend has a gorgeous smile. :)

I spent the entire day in NYC with a Cdn friend of mine and we took in the holiday sights. I imagine that your holiday market with wonderfully festive and bright. And you know, I went looking for mussels and wine for dinner tonight, too! I didn't find the mussels but oh, the wine tasted soooo goooood. Mmmmmm...

So glad you had such a lovely Saturday, Angela. :)