Sunday, March 15, 2009

waiting for spring...

waiting for spring...
as she blossoms.
quietly. slowly.
this glorious promise she keeps.
and as she awakes.
and restlessly playfully stirs...
you feel and you see
her open arms. and her open heart.
hello again.
it's a been a while.
a long long while...
but like with a good friend,
you simply start off where you left off.
and it's as though not a day,
not a week nor a month has passed.
or maybe it's like spring.
one day you simply wake up,
and you know she's there.
you might not see her just quite yet,
but you feel her.
and you catch yourself with a smile.
knowing that in her own way,
she was there all along.
sunday. sweet sunday.
that's what today was.
it was about spending the morning in pyjamas and with cups of coffee,
sitting around the kitchen table with a friend.
it was about getting dressed in my favourite flowered skirt,
a jean jacket and a scarf with a pair of rubber boots
and saying hello to the garden.
it was about pruning roses for the first time in my life.
and it was about the smile on my face,
simply to see that they survived the winter. and me.
(do i dare admit, i think i broke every gardening rule
there ever was to break...)
it was about planting white peonies
and digging in the dirt with bare hands
and about pulling out the weeds. one by one.
it was about grabbing another cup of coffee and sitting on the steps,
simply content and thinking just how good things can be.
and beside me on these steps, was my pot of heather.
my pot of irish heather.
and i took it in my hands, just to take a closer look,
and i so had to think of jacinta.
she brought me that heather last september.
as a little gift from her cooley mountains.
she placed it in my hands and told me,
i need to plant this, to always remember how strong i am,
to remember how real my dreams are,
and what it is that lives inside me
and what it is that i have to do.
jacinta. she simply has something magical about herself.
something wise, but something so beautifully magical.
and i was just sitting there, holding that pot of heather in my hands
and remembering what she said.
i suddenly received a text message
simply saying
"ange, i just so had to think of you right now.
i've been thinking of you a lot these past few days,
wondering how you are...
but suddenly, that thought was stronger than ever
and i wanted to let you know.
it feels like spring here in ireland today,
it's lovely and i'm going into the garden.
so strange, because it's almost as though you're here.
love, jacinta"
i was at a loss words. and i couldn't help but smile.
never ever tell me, that thoughts can't travel,
and that thoughts can't be felt.
over time. over space.
it's the power we have.
and it's moments like this, that simply remind us.
there's more to tell about the sunday. and about life.
but for now,
it's time to find my way to blankets and bed.
and simply say good night.
waiting for spring...

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susanna said...

I'm so glad that you are back, Angela - and on this first day of Spring! I like to think that thoughts can travel, like invisible letters, whirling around the person they are intended for. Hope you have an equally beautiful weekend as you did last week.