Sunday, March 22, 2009

taking that daring chance...

From 3rd to 17th April 2009,
the artMbassy Gallery in Berlin will be showing the "Best Of"
from the Fashion Photography Contest on Hair,
"New to the Eye", by Sebastian Professional.

Around 130 creative people from across the globe
sent in more than 1.100 photographs.
A selection of the best (about 50 exhibits)
will be on display at the exhibition.
After its premiere in Berlin, the collection will be on tour.
Exhibitions are planned for Frankfurt, Vienna and Zürich.

(excerpts from Sebastian Professional Press Release)

back in december,
isabelle had asked me if i could do a few photographs
for her at the salon.
simply for a project that she has in mind,
showing women and men of different faces, generations,
different colours, different cuts.

the idea was to show personalities
and the beauty that each has in themselves,
while still keeping the story on hair. and style.

it was a good day. it was a wonderful day.
we laughed together. we talked together.
and to be honest,
i believe that for a few of the women, even the men,
it was almost like an unveiling.
as though seeing themselves in a different light
or from a different perspective.

photography is about telling stories,
but in a language that requires no words.
photography is about capturing an essence,
and a moment in time.
it's about documenting. and it's about reflecting.

and maybe it's a cliché,
but it's not just about seeing with the eye,
but also seeing with the heart.

isabelle then came up with the idea,
that we should send in the one or other photograph
for the "new to the eye" competition from sebastian.

i was a bit hesitant.
sebastian has some of the best hair and style photography out there.
avantgarde at its finest.
provocative. evocative.
and although i was pleased with the photographs,
i just didn't think that i could be parred with that.
and i didn't think that i could stand a chance.

but isabelle didn't let easy.

and close to the very last minute,
i sent in two of the photographs taken that day.

so now it's my turn to say...
thank you for being so god damn stubborn with me my dear bella.
and thank you for being a "best of" in my own life...

because we made it!
we're a part of the exhibit. a part of the collection.
we're a part of "new to the eye".

and i like to think that the magic we stirred in those girls,
was the magic they stirred in us.

you see.
it's all about reflecting. reflections.

and taking a chance.
about taking that daring chance...


Kerstin said...

This is amazing, congratulations!! And I am not surprised at all, the photo is stunning and unique. So glad all is going well and that you come back here to share your stories with us that I so much love reading.

Alles Liebe,
Kerstin xo

susanna said...

Whoohoo! Congratulations, Angela! That is awesome!!!! I'm so happy for you. And you know, your photograph IS beautiful. It reminds me of Shiela Metzner or Sarah Moon's photography - images with feeling and femininity - so much better that over glamorized images. Your own personal style is shining right through. Yay to you and yay to Isabelle!

bruce said...


maddie said...

oh oh oh!


i want to BE there!

and treat you to champagne

the photo looks FABulous

maddie said...


and i LOVE your smiles

in this photo


susan said...

well missy - as i said before, you are worthy! so excited to maybe get to see this this summer in frankfurt?... do send me the schedule. i love the photo and guess what? you and bella are as pretty as a picture there too.
are you back yet?