Wednesday, April 15, 2009

thailand. and back again.

sacred. and mystical.
ancient stories carved
in the pasts of yesterdays and tomorrows.
and this is where we stand now.

just a quick note to say hello.

and i'm home again.

i arrived back from thailand

late last week.

and i still feel as though i'm caught

in the wonderful blur,

of being in two places.

moments along the maps

of here and there.

it was simply a time

to take a deep breath.

inhale and exhale.

and in the same sense,

be absolutely overwhelmed.

with wonder.

with the wonder of colour. and sounds and smells.

or the wonder of contradictions.

cultural contradictions.

the wonder of pulsating streets.

and then the wonder of solitude

watching the morning sun as she rises.

or the wonder of midnight hours

lying under stars with the lull of the sea.

it was about a hand filled with white sea shells

and a heart filled with the momentum of life.

yes. i'm home again...

in the wonderful blur,

of being in two places.

moments along the maps

of here and there.


Marion said...

I had no idea you've been off to Thailand. Hope you had a wonderful time. Sounds like you had...some time to get away from it lovely. I wish I could do that too but it doesn't look like anytime soon. I'd love to see some more images...

All the best. And hugs.


susan said...

ah the wonderful wonderful feeling of travel and coming home. it must have been a beautiful trip. can not wait to hear more about it... let's talk soon... ok?
xoxoxo susan

maddie said...

i would LOVE to see more photo's

do you have a flickr stream?

welcome home lovely girl:)

St@no said...

Of taking pictures
And making coffee.
How good it is
to come back
every once in a while,
and still find you walking
on september seas.

susanna said...

Sounds so peaceful, Angela. I can just imagine you there, walking along the beach at dusk, looking out onto the sea with a glass of wine in your hand. Yes, I want to see more photos, too!