Thursday, January 17, 2008

quiet thoughts.

children of venice.
part one.
i can still smell the air,
hear sunday morning silence upon the streets
as i remember this moment.
with a camera. in venice.

very tired tonight.

have so many things that i want to say. want to share.

but words aren't finding me easily.

another late night with work.

although i did find my way home a bit earlier for a change.

the deadline is ever so close. and i'm ever so far away.

but gwen's coming over for dinner tomorrow night.

so on the drive home,

and mulling upon indecisions of what the menu might be,

i bought a bit of this and a bit of that.

coming to the conclusion,

that a bit of cheese, a few marinated olives and a glass of wine

might be just perfect for a bite to eat on an night like tonight.

to be honest, i can't even remember the last time

the past few weeks even had me in a store.

and i hadn't bought my ritual of roses this week either,

so that was done tonight as well.

it was nice, just coming home

putting things in their place.

sitting down, and even with this yearning,

this constant lull upon my heart strings,

it was nice just to have the quiet. the peace. the calm.

yes. even with the taunting storm and wind outside.

it almost feels like spring is on its way.

so i think i'm simply going to bed.

keeping the words deep within. simply as thoughts.

quiet. hushed.

but if you listen closely,

they can still be heard.

just like the falling rain. outside.

"There are days
I drop words of comfort on myself
like falling rain

and i remember it is enough
to be taken care of by myself."

- brian andreas -


susanna said...

I hope that you find more moments like this to take care of yourself - to buy yourself roses and olives. Now go run a hot bath, Angela, and pour yourself a glass of red wine! Tomorrow's dinner will be exactly what your spirit needs. An evening spent with a good friend always does wonders for mine. :)

madelyn said...

ritual of roses...

i have a ritual of sunflowers and
daisies and even roses on occasion
~ if they are purple or yellow or

wish i could pop over for dinner:)


susan said...

oh a ritual of flowers. in the dead of winter here my dear, that may be just what the dr. ordered. as soon as i see the top of the pile here, i will be phoning. it might take a week...
thinking of you with love,

susanna said...

Angela, I can't seem to find your email address anywhere and I'm dying to tell you of this online site called Blurb at

I just spent hours and hours looking at the books in the bookstore (and that was just in the fine art category) and you were one of the first people I thought of...I can totally see your images and your writing in bookform. Anyway, check it out if you are interested. I hope that you had a good weekend!

susan said...

quietly wondering --- how are you dear?

IRENE said...

Hi. I came here following a link from Posie. I wanted to say that your writing and photos made me stop this morning and look at the sun from the window next to my desk. Thank you.