Thursday, January 03, 2008

the wish of an angel...

an angel. found once upon a time ago.

in a small little village. called prinzbach.

happy new year.

i'm still writing down my wishes. my dreams. hopes and visions.

the big things and the small things. even the silly things.

and some of these wishes find their way in the pages of a book

yearning to be filled with manifestations

and stories as they unfold.

this little book that follows me like a companion in quiet moments.

and some of these wishes find themselves written on bits and pieces of paper

sometimes tucked under my pillow like a little prayer,

sometimes i walk to the stream,

set them free on a journey of their own.

and sometimes i simply write them on my heart. like a little secret.

yet wishing to be heard.

where to you write your wishes?

and do you share your secrets?

but i think that one of my wishes

is that each and every one of you...

my friends, and even passing strangers that simply find these words

all discover and create their own special magic

for this new year upon us.

and all write their own wishes on their heart. every day.

i wish you love. happiness. time for quiet moments.

and i wish you the beauty of a smile.

and dreams that come true.


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Happy New Year, I wish you the same! Cheers!

nikonline said...

thank you for the wishes for magic. i take them gladly and send them back to you!

susanna said...

Happy New Year, Angela! I can envision you curled up on the sofa, with a candle or two, a glass of red wine, writing down your wishes for this new year. I wrote down a few New Year's wishes last night, too. One wish for this month is to read a book on poetry, something I haven't read before. Do you have a favourite poet? I'm thinking Rumi.

I wish for you a new year of happiness and love, of more creativity and inspiration, moments with friends that have you crying with laughter and other moments where you feeling completely fulfilled.

Bruce said...

Happy New Year Angela!!!

Wishing peace, prosperity and happiness for you.

bty: I had a small exhibition in the autumn of photos of angels.